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Biomes and Ecosystems

Study those ecosystem and biome terms!

estuarywhere fresh and salt water meet
waterbiome which covers 70% of the earth
Temperate Deciduous Forestbiome we live in
tundramost northern biome
permafrostpermanent frozen layer of ice in the tundra
taigawhere we get most of our paper from
coniferstrees that do not lose their leaves found in the taiga
Coniferous Forestanother name for taiga
examples of running waterstream, river
examples of still waterlake, pond, swamp
deserthot during the day, cold during the night
structural adaptationsomething on the outside of the body which aids or helps a species
physiological adaptationsomething inside of the body (a body mechanism)which aids a species
behavioral adaptationsome action or behavior that helps a species
precipitation exampleswater, snow, ice, sleet, hail, freezing rain
autotrophan organism that makes its own food
heterotrophan organism that depends on others for food
omnivorean organism that eats meats and plants
carnivorean organism that eats meat or flesh
herbivorean organism that only eats plants, or a primary producer (vegetarian)
decomposeran organism that feeds off of dead animals
three levels of the rainforestcanopy, understory, moist floor
Tropical Rain Forestbiome which is depleting by the minute
6 factors usually found in an ecosystemsun, primary producer, primary consumer, secondary consumer, decomposer, non-living things
abiotic means. . .non-living things
biotic means. . .living things
"bio" means. . ."related to life"
synonym for autotrophproducer
synonym for heterotrophconsumer
food webfood chains intermingled with one another form this
the primary source and beginning of energy is thesun
main source of energy for food webs is. . .food
densitythe amount of something in a given amount of space
most dense biome isTropical Rain Forest
savannaanother name for grassland
evaporationwater heated by the sun and turns water into a gas state
three states of mattersolid, liquid, gas
oxygenwe breathe in, plants breathe out
carbon dioxidewe breathe out, plants breathe in
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