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Learn genetics vocabulary

genean instruction for a characteristic
chromosomemade up of many genes and found in nucleus of every cell
mitosistype of cell division that occurs in all cells except sex cells
meiosistype of cell division that produces gametes
discrete variation'either or' variation, eg left handed, widows peak
continuous variationvariation which is measurable, eg height, weight
46number of chromosomes in human body cells
23number of cells in human gametes
allelespair of genes
genotypepattern of alleles for traits
phenotypethe way a characteristic actually appears
heterozygousalleles are different
homozygousalleles are both the same
dominantan allele which is always expressed when present
recessivean allele which is only expressed when dominant is not present
DNAcomplex molecule of which genes are made up of
gametessex cells
crossing overprocess that takes place during meiosis, which cause an exchange of mixing of genes
incomplete dominanceinheritance in which neither pair of alleles is dominant over the other, and effects are blended
chromatididentical chromosome strands, resulting from splitting of chrosome

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