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7th - Ch. 3 Vocabulary Review

submissiongiving into another's wishes
uniteto bring together
revelationsomething hidden that is made known
reciteto repeat from memory
renouncedgave up
counselan adviser
legitimatesomething legal
divinecoming from God
caravana group of people or vehicles who travel together
trade routea road or seaway along which merchants travel
settlementa small village or community
feuda long quarrel or fight between two groups or families
peninsulaa piece of land surrounded by water on three sides
oasisa small area in the desert watered by springs and wells
nomada member of a group that moves from place to place in search of food, water and grazing land for their herds
tribea group with a common history, language, culture etc.
idolan image used as an object of worship
pilgrimagea journey to a sacred place or shrine
Quran (Koran)the sacred book of Islam that contained the revelations made to Muhammad by Allah
monotheismthe belief in one God
Islama religion based on the teachings of the prophet Muhammad
Muslima believer in Islam
mosquea Muslim house of worship
Sunnatraditional Islamic conduct based on the examle of Muhammad
caliphthe successor to Muhammad as political leader of the Muslim community; the civil and religious ruler of a Muslim state
councilan assembly called to help pick the next Muslim caliph
Shiitea member of the branch of Islam that supports the descendants of Muhammad as his rightful successor
Sunnithe branch of Islam that follows the caliphs elected to succeed Muhammad

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