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Chapter 9 - Digestive System Laboratory Tests, Clinical Procedures

Use matching exercises and word search to review tests and procedures discussed in Chapter 9.

alkaline phosphataseenzyme test done on serum
alkaline phosphataseincreased levels of alk phos found in liver disease, cancers and other abnormal conditions
serum biliruinalso known as icterus index
SGOT, SGPTreveal the levels of transaminases in the blood serum
cholangiographyx-ray pictures of the bile vessels
stool culturefeces tested for microorganisms
stool guaiac, Hemoccult testtest to determine the presence of blood in the feces
Guiacchemical from the wood of trees
barium enemaused to enhance x-rays of rectum and colon
barium swallowused to enhance x-rays for an upper GI series
CT (CAT) scanseries of x-rays processed by a computer to show a cross-sectional image of internal orgrans
ERCPendoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography
nasogastric intubationused to obtain gastric or intestinal contents for analysis
paracentesissurgical puncture to remove fluid from the abdomen
gastrointestinal endoscopyfiberoptic is used to visualize parts of the gastrointestinal tract
live biopsyprocedure useful in diagnosis of cirrhosis, chronic hepatitis, cancerous tumors
abdominal ultrasonographyrecord of echoes as they bounce off the abdominal viscera
scintiscanscanner that records uptake of radioactive material by the liver cells
capsule cameracamera used to visualize parts of the gastrointestinal tract

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