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Use your files and class notes to match the following terms with the correct definition.

business incomemoney earned by a business from the sale of goods, services, ideas, or information
agricultural eraa period of time when farming was the major occupation and there was limited transportation
needsbasic items needed for human survival, such as food, clothing, and shelter
profitmoney remaining after obligations of the business have been paid
GNPthe total amount of money spent by consumers in a given year
databasea collection of data available to a computer system in such a way to allow fast and easy access to the information
distributionall the activities involved in moving a product to the final consumer
business expensesall costs of a business that helped earn the business income
information agea period of time when a large segment of society is working with or affected by the vast flow and transmittal of information
manufacturingan activity which takes raw materials and converts them to a form that consumers can use
wantsitems that are not basic to human survival but are desired by people to enhance their lives
industrial revolutiona period of time when most people were employed in factories
extractionan activity which takes raw materials from nature
servicean activity providing satisfactionof people's wants which is not necessarily tied to the sale of a product

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