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How Many Times A Week

a timeci(4)
every; eachmei(3)
hourzhong(1) tou(2); xiao(3) shi(2)
weekli(3) bai(4); xing(1) qi(2)
Mondayli(3) bai(4) yi(1); xing(1) qi(2) yi(1)
Tuesdayli(3) bai(4) er(4); xing(1) qi(2) er(4)
Wednesdayli(3) bai(4) san(1); xing(1) qi(2) san(1)
Thursdayli(3) bai(4) si(4); xing(1) qi(2) si(4)
Fridayli(3) bai(4) wu(3); xing(1) qi(2) wu(3)
Saturdayli(3) bai(4) liu(4); xing(1) qi(2) liu(4)
Sundayli(3) bai(4) ri(4); xing(1) qi(2) tian(1)
time; whenshi(2) hou(4)
at noonzhong(1) wu(3)
afternoonxia(4) wu(3)
morningshang(4) wu(3); zao(3) shang(4)
eveningwan(3) shang(4)
next; downxia(4)
leave classxia(4) ke(4)
leave workxia(4) ban(1)
car; vehicleche(1)
get off (the car; the bus)xia(4) che(1)
get on (the car; the bus)shang(4) che(1)
next timexia(4) yi(1) ci(4)
last timeshang(4) yi(2) ci(4)
next onexia(4) yi(2) ge
last oneshang(4) yi(20 ge
go downstairsxia(4) lou(2)
mean; meaning(ful); interestingyi(4)si
tired; wearylei(4)
last; upshang(4)
go to workshang(4) ban(1)
attend class; begin a classshang(4) ke(4)
go upstairsshang(4) lou(2)
point; o'clockdian(3)
whenshen(2) me shi(2) hou(4)
meaningyi(4) si
meaningful; interestingyou(3) yi(4) si
boresomemei(2) you(3) yi(4) si
less important; not a big dealxiao(3) yi(4) si
hourzhong(1) tou(2); xiao(3) shi(2)
once a dayyi(4) tian(1) yi(2) ci(4)
once a weekyi(2) ge xing(1) qi(2) yi(2) ci(4)
twice a dayyi(4) tian(1) liang(2) ci(4)
whenshen(2) me shi(2) hou(4)

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