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Growth of Industry, Business and Cities - Chapters 5 and 6

rebatesrefunds to the buyer of a part of the prices for purchased products or services
consolidationcombining several companies into one large company
regulateto make rules for
free enterprisean economic system in which businesses are free to compete without government rules
interstate commercebusiness between states
capitalmoney used to produce goods
corporationa type of business that raises money by selling shares of stock to investors
stockholdersinvestors who own stock in corporations
dividendspart of the profits of a corporation earned by stockholders
trusta form of business in which a board of trustees or managers control the member corporations
collective bargainingprocess by which representatives of a union and a business discuss and reach agreement about wages and working conditions
arbitrationusing a third party to settle a dispute
injunctiona court order
laborthe work force
mail orderto purchase through the postal service
mechanizationthe process of making something machine-like
national marketsales market that extends throughout the country
prosperitythriving; experiencing success usually in the area of finances
industrializationthe process of changing from an economic system based on farming and trade to one based on large-scale production and mechanization
socialismthe belief that government, not individuals, should own the nation’s major industries
steeragecramped compartment below deck where immigrants stayed on their ocean journey
anti-Semitismhatred and persecution of Jews
ethnic neighborhoodsareas where people share the same languages and culture
assimilateto be absorbed into the main cultural group
urbanizationthe movement of people into cities
tenementsapartment houses where large families shared 1 or 2 rooms
vaudevillestage show that combine song, dance, opera and comedy
Chinese Exclusion Actan 1882 law which banned Chinese laborers from coming to the United States
political machinean organization of a political party that granted favors in return for votes
political corruptiondishonest use of political power and position
settlement housea community center that provided services from serving hot meals to teaching English language to poor people
leisurefree time
urbanhaving to do with the city
ruralhaving to do with the countryside
ghettoinner city slums where poor, even homeless people, lived
Hull Housea settlement house in Chicago, started by Jane Addams and Ellen Starr

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