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The Water Cycle, Climate, and Vegetation

This word search will help to reinforce the concepts we have studied in class.

How water returns to the earth's surfacePrecipitation
When water changes from a gas into a liquidCondensation
When water changes from a liquid into a gasEvaporation
Water as a gasWater Vapor
The elevation where no trees grow behindTimberline
Permanently frozen soilPermafrost
The process of turning saltwater into freshwaterDesalination
Three reasons Tampa is looking to desalination are environmental concerns, promise from 1995 andPopulation Increase
The temperatures in low latitude climate regions are usuallyHot
The temperatures in mid latitude climate regions are usuallyModerate
The temperatures in high latitude climate regions are usuallyCold
Large bodies of water help keep _______________ moderate.Temperatures
If one side of a mountian is green and verdant, the other side is usually:Dry and brown
This helps to keep Europe's temperatures moderate.Gulf Stream

Tracy Hinson

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