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word matching quizzes : KS3 biology

general revision for KS3 SATS from Biology topics, targetted at levels 4 and 5

producerthe plant in a food chain
predatorthis catches and kills its food
primary consumerfeeds on a plant
spermmale sex cell
fertilisationthe joining of a sperm and an egg
ovulethe correct name for a female sex cell
heartpumps blood round the body
lungstransfers gases into and out of the blood
photosynthesishow plants use sunlight to make food
glucosethe food product of photosynthesis
starchhow food is stored in plants
small intestinewhere most food passes into the blood
red blood cellcarries oxygen round the body
nucleusthe "brain" of all cells
vacuolethis contains sap in plant cells
cell membranethe "skin" of all cells
skullthis protects the brain
respirationhow energy is released from food and oxygen
carbon dioxideone of the waste products of respiration
adaptationa feature which helps an animal or plant survive

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