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History - Ancient Greece- Geography, Climate

General History Ancient Greece, Geography, Climate

They study the past and help us to understand ancient civilizationsHistorians and archaeologists
The three-fold job of historiansRecord, pass on, and organize the past
Herodotus, Thucydides, XenophonAncient Greek historians
Ancient Greek historians did thisThey asked questions
This was the most important subject to the ancient Green historiansWar
They excavate artifactsArchaeologists
He wrote "History"Herodotus
"History" covers this period of history700 BC - 479 BC
He wrote about the Peloponnesian War between Sparta and AthensThucydides
The Peloponnesian War431 - 404 BC
He lived from 428 - 354 BCXenophon
An English archaeologist who excavated the city of Knossos on CreteArthur Evans
He lived from 1851 - 1941Arthur Evans
When Knossos on Crete was excavated by Arthur Evans1899
Evans' excavated artifacts told us much about themMinoans and Mycenaeans
German archaeologist; lived from 1822 - 1890Heinrich Schliemann
He proved that Troy really existedHeinrich Schliemann
Greece extends into this body of waterMediterranean Sea
Most of Greece is this land formationPeninsula
The total land area of Greece131,957 square kilometers
Ancient Ionian city was a port but was discovered inlandMiletus
This is why the coast line extendedTrees and forests were destroyed, washing away the soil
Trees and forests were destroyed for thisBuilding, cooking, fuel
The primary relief of GreeceMountainous
The washing away process of soilErosion
Made it hard for the Greeks to work togetherGeography - mountains
Separated the villagesValleys, mountains
Made transportation difficultLack of large rivers
Each one had its own government, culture and way of lifeCity-states
Developed independent of each other; in isolationCity-states
Lowland valley temperatures year-roundModerate
Summers lowland valleyLong, hot, dry
Winters in lowland valleyRainy
Winter temperature in mountainsCooler, can be cold
Precipitation in the mountainsRainy in summer, snow in winter
The type of climate found in GreeceThe Mediterranean Climate


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