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Fleet Marine Force Study Guide - (copy)

The Marine Corps was created on this date in Philadelphia Pennsylvania at Tun Tavern1775 (102)
This date marines came under the dept of the Navy1834 (102)
The 1st Marine landing took place during the Revolutionary War1776 (102)
Marines stormed the barbary pirates stronghold at burma on the shores of tripoli. Marines raised the stars and stripes for the 1st time in the eastern hemisphere1805 (102)
During the Mexican War, Marines occupied the "Halls of Montezuma" during the Battle of Chapultepec on this date1847 102
Marines stormed the US Arsenal at Harpers Ferry. Stop slave revolt lead by abolitionist John Brown on this date1859 (102)
On this day Marine Corps adopted an Emblem that consisted of and Eagle, a globe, and anchor1868 (102)
During 1868 7th Commandant of the Marine Corps wasBrigadier General Jacob Zelin (102)
What does the Marine Emblem symbolizeGlobe and Anchor signify worldwide service and sea traditions. Spread eagle is a symbol of the nation (102)
The official motto of the Marine Corps "Semper Fidelis" was adopted1883 "Always Faithful" (102)
On this day, Marines defended the American Legation in Peking, China during the Boxer Rebellion1900 (102)
On this date the Marine Corps established it aviation unit. Who was the pilot1913 Maj Alfred A. Cunningham (102)
On this date, Marines landed as part of the American force in France. Participated in Eight operations. Awarded the French Fourragere still worn by the 5th and 6th Marines1917 (102)
On this date, the Marine Dorps was reorganized into the FMF establishing command and admin relations between the fleet and Marine Corps. Marine Corps equip board was established at Quantico VA1933 (102)
Marines landed in South Vietnam which committed the Marine Corps to the longest war in its history1965 (102)
Marines deployed to lebanon as part of a multinational peacekeeping force. This action further displayed the Marines concept of a...1982/"Force in Readiness" (102)
On this date Operation Desert Storm was launched1991 (102)
Marines fought one of their greatest battle in history at Belleau Wood France during WWIThe Battle of Belleu Wood (102)
07 Aug 1942, 1st Marine Division landed on the beaches of Guadacanal in the Solomon Islands and launced the first US land offensive of WWIIBattle of Guadalcanal (102)
Japanese Commander proclaimed it would take a million americans 100yrs to conquer it. On 20 Nov 1943 Marines landed and secured the Island within 76 hrsBattle of Tarawa (102)
During June 1943 LtGen Holland M. Smith led a combined invasion force of Marines and soldiers that totaled over 136,000. Greates number of troops up to that time to operate in the field under Marine Command.Battle of Mariana Islands (102)
19 Feb 1945 Marines landed on Iwo Jima it was the largest Marine battle in history. Marine Corps suffered over 23,300 CasualtiesThe Battle of Iwo Jima (102)
Facing a 10 Division force to annihilate them Marines smashed seven ememy division in their march from the Chosin ReserviorThe Battle of Chosin Reservoir (102)
During the Vietnamese holiday of Tet in Jan 1968, the city was secured on 25 Feb 1968The Battle of Hue City (102)
Became Commandant in 1820, held his command for 39yrs until his death in 1859. Grand old man of the Marine CorpsArchibald Henderson (102)
Remembered for his performance at Cuzco Well. Won the Medal of Honor for semaphoring an emergency lift of naval bombardment under spanish and American shellfire.Sgt Maj John Quick (102)
Won two medals of honor (1)Chinese Boxer Rebellion (2)First Caco War in Haiti. Come on you sons of B... Do ou want to live foreverSgt Maj Daly (102)
"Tiger of the Mountains" English bulldog named "Chesty"Louis B. "Chesty" Puller
Commanded VMH-214 "Black Sheep" during WWII. Top ranking Ace with 28 kills in 1945.Gregory R. "Pappy" Boyington
Pima Indian immortalized for the second flag raising incident on Mount Suribachi 23 Feb 1945Ira H. Hayes (102)
The first enlisted woman on 13 August 1918. First enlisted women were known as...Opha Mae Johnson-Skirt Marines (102)
This woman served as Director of woman Marines during 1973-1977/1st woman General Officer on this dateMargaret A Brewer/11 May 1978 (102)
When/How to SaluteSix but not more than 30 paces away (102)
When to salute in a Group1st person to notice officer approaching, calls group to attention. In formation, Senior person calls formation to attention, Senior person salutes for the group
1st Element of Marine Corps MissionProvide FMF with combined arms and supporting air components for service with the US Fleet (103)
2nd Element of Marine Corps MissionProvide detachment and organization for service on armed vessels of the Navy and security detachments (103)
3rd Element of Marine Corps MissionDevelop in Coord w/Army, Navy, Air Force, the doctrine, tactics, techniques, and equipment empoyed by landing forces in amphibious operations (103)
4th Element of Marine Corps MissionProvide Marine forces for airborne operations w/Army, Navy, Air Force established by the Joint Chiefs of Staff (103)
5th Element of Marine Corps MissionDevelop in Coord w/ Army, Navy, Air Force the doctrine, procedures, and equip for airbone operations (103)
6th Element of Marine Corps MissionExpand peacetime components to meet wartime needs according to the joint mobilization plans (103)
7th Element of Marine Corps MisionPerform such other duties as the President may direct (103)
What are the two parallel chain of commandService and Operational (103)
Service cahain begins with...President, Secretary of Defense, Secretary of Navy, Commandant of Marine Corps (103)
Operational chain runs from....President, Secretary of Defense, directly to commanders of combantant commands (103)
Marine Corps operating forces consist of...Marine Corps Forces (MARFOR) Marine Corps Security Forces (103)
What's the purpose of the Headquarters Marine Corps...Advise and assist the commandant in discharging responsibilities prescribe by law (103)
Commandant of Marine Corps is responsible to whom...Secretaty of the Navy (103)
Describe a Marine Air-Ground Task Force...Conduct all missions across the range of military operations (103)
It is tasked organized to provide command and control capabilities.... Is the MAGTF Headquarters...Command Element (103)
The MEF consist of six Command Sections.. What are they....G-1: Personel and Admin G-2: Intel and Counter Intel G-3: Operations and Trng G-4: Logistics G-5: Plans G-6: Comms, Info Systems (103)
Tasked organized to support the MAGTF by performing some or all six functions of Marine Aviation....Marine Air Wing, Air Combat Element (ACE) (103)
Tasked organized to conduct ground operations in support of the MAGTF mission.. Formed around Infantry organization...Marine Division, Ground Combat Element.. (GCE) (103)
Tasked organized to provide the full range of CSS functions and capabilities to suport the MAGTF as a whole..Force Service Support Group.. Combat Service Support Group (103)
Identify the location of the three standing MEF's..1st MEF/California & Arizona.. 2nd MEF/North & South Carolina.. 3rd MEF/Japan & Hawaii (103)
Consist of permanent CE & one Marine Division, MAW, FSSG...MEF... (103)
MAGTF is built around a reeinforce infantry regiment, Aircraft group, Brigade Service Support Group....Marine Expeditionary Brigade.... (MEB).. (103)
Exercises command & control is command by a General & contains a SRIG detachment...Command Element... (CE).. (103)
This is a Marine Aircraft Group...Air Combat Element...(ACE).. (103)
Reinforced Infanry Regiment.Ground Combat Element...(103)
This is a Brigade Service Support Group..Combat Service Support Group...(103)
Forward deployed Marine Expeditionary organization. Self contained operating force.MEU...(103)
Responsible for the command, & control, direction, planning, & Coord of air, ground, & logistics operations. Consist of Marine Battalion Landing Team, Squadron, MEU Service Support Group.Standing CE.. (103)
The seven standing MEU (SOC) CE's...1st MEF/11th-13th-15th... 2nd MEF/22nd-24th-26th... 3rd MEF/31st... (103)
Used for a special purpose.. disaster relief, evacuation operation, security operationsSPMAGTF (103)
Are reporting seniors by virture of their command authority...Commanding Officer...(104)
May act as reporting seniors for members in the grade of E4 and below only...CPO..E7/E9
Requires signature of a rater & senior rater as well as the reporting seniorEvaluation Reports on E6 & below.. (104)
Performance counseling must be provided at the....Midpoint of the periodic cycle & when report is signed. (104)
Performance counseling should avoidPersonality & concentrate on performance.. (104)
What are the three types of reportsRegular, Concurrent, Operational Reports... (104)
These reports are submitted peridically, must cover day for day. Except for enlisted initial entry trng.Regular Report... (104)
Provide a record of significant performance in an additional duty or temporary duty statusConcurrent Reports.. (104)
Submitted by operational commanders who are not regular reporting seniors.Operational Commander Reports.. (104)
This letter correspond offically with addresses in DOD.Standard Letter..(104)
When a letter is transmitted "Via" to your activity, this is used to forward comments, recommendations, or information...Endorsements...(104)
Provides an informal way to correspond within an activity or between DON activities...Memorandums..(104)
Navpers 1070/602 Record of emergency dataPage #2... Person to be notified in case of Emegency or death... Person to recieve death gratuity... Person to recieve unpaid pay and allowances.. (104)
Navpers 1070/604 Enlisted qualification history for USN/USNRPage #4... History of occupational and training... Awards & commendations
Navpers 1070/605.. Record of duty assignments maintained thorughout members active & inactive duty careerPage #5.... (105)
Navpers 1070/613... Record of significant miscellaneous entriesPage #13...(104)
What is the purpose of the UCMJ...Promtes good order and discipline, Provides a basis for the admin of justice for the armed forces...(104)
Who is responsible for upholding the UCMJ...All members of the armed forces...(104)
What are the following types of courts martials...Summary, Special Court Martial, General...(104)
This Court Martial is composed of one active duty comissioned officer with the rank of Captain or Higher/lowest level of authority to convene a summary court martial is...1st (Summary).. 2nd/Battalion commander or equivalent (104)
Composed of a military judge alone, military judge and not less then three active duty armed service members/Lowest level to convene a special court martial is normally..1st.. Special Court Martial/Squadron or Battalion Commander..(104)
Composed of a military judge alone or a military judge and not less than five impartial active-duty armed service personnel/lowest level to convene this court martial1st.. General Court Martial/Commanding General or Division, Wing, or Base...(104)
What is the purpose of NJP...Give the commander the ability to maintain good order and discipline...(104)
When can NJP can be administired...Minor offenses of the UCMJ. If court martial does no include dishonorable discharge or confinement of greater than one year (104)
What are the procedures to appeal NJP...Submit written statement within 5 days of imposition of punishment (104)
Sexual Harassment is...Unacceptable & unprofessional behavior for military or civilian personnel.... (104)
What is the Symbol for magnetic north..Line ending with a half arrow...
Give 5 principal pressure points of the body..Temporal/Subclavial/Facial/Femoral /Carotid
give 2 methods ot stop M9 from firing...Manual De-Cockin: Separates firing pin from hammer/Firing Pin block: Prevent any motion of the firing pin.
When can paid labor be performed...When its not: Military/DeGrading/Dangerous/Unhealthy
Give 2 examples of a Blister Agent..Mustard (HD).. Nitrogen Mustard (HN)
What is Cadence..Rythmic rate of march at a uniform step..
Which hand will you move to signal skirmishers left if you are facing the unit..Left hand/Doesn't matter which way you face..
Who is Sergeant Major of the Marine CorpsSgt Maj John L. Estrada
How many words or seconds should you transit before pausing during radio comm..3 to 5 sec bursts
Show the hand signal for pace count...Tappin the heels of a boot
What are the two scales in the compass & what does the color denotes..Outer Scale (Black) Denotes MILS... Inner Scale (Red) Denotes Degress
Define the acroynm SAFE..Security/Automatic Weapons/Field of fire/Entrenchment
Name the parts of the Censatic Compass...Cover/Base/floating Dial/Glass Encasement/Bezel Ring/Thumb Loop/Rear Sight/Lens/Rear Sight Slot
Describe the Acronym FITCALLFeel/Inspect/Tighten/Clean/Adjust/Lube
When is it required to wear single ear protection..When noise level is greater than 84 dba, with a peak at 140 dba
What fosters efficiency in both planning & execution of logistics operations..Simplicity
Define Logistics..Science of Planning & carryng out the movement & maintenance of forces
What is the right support in the right place at the right time...Responsivness
What is ability to provide essential supplies & services to begin combat operations..Attainability
The ability to adapt logistics structure and prodedures to changing situations, missions, & concepts of operations.Flexibility
Provide sufficient support at the least costEconomy
The ability to maintain logistics support to all users throughout the area of operationsSustainability
The capacity of the organization to protect its forces and resourcesSurvivability
Define a Force Service Support GroupFSSG is a composite grouping of functional components that provide CSS above the organic capability of supported units to all elements of the MEF
The most significant attribute of the FSSGIt is a permanently organized command charged with the responsibility of providing all major CSS functions for the MEF
Define the mission of the Command Element of the FSSGPovides general and direct support, sustanined CSS above the organic capabilities of the MAGTF's
EDVR sections 1-3 containsInformation that has been extracted from the account because it requires special attention by the activity
EDVR section #4Contains the total personnel account of the activity
EDVR section #5Contains the personnel status summary
EDVR section #6Contains distribution navy enlisted classification code (DNEC) Management
EDVR section #7Contains NEC billet and personnel inventory
EDVR section #8Contains a list of individual who are qualified in navy enlisted classification codes (NEC's)
EDVR section #9-#10Contain the diary message summary and duty preference listing, respectively.
EDVR section #11Contains individual security data, citizenship code, involuntary extension months, Pay entry base data (PEBD) time in rate
EDVR section #12Contains a listing of both officer and enlisted personel in an embarked or (TAD) status
What is ORMA decision making tool used by people at all levels to increase operational effectiveness
Name the ORM process..#1 Increase our ability to make informed decisions
Name the ORM process..#2 Minimizes risks to acceptable levels, commensurate with mission accomplishment
Name the ORM process..#3 Applying the ORM process will reduce mishaps, lower cost.
A condition with the potential to cause personal injury or death, property damage mission degradation...Hazard
An expression of possible loss in terms of severity and probabilityRisk
The process of detecting hazards and assessing associated risksRisk Assessment
Analysis by listing all of the hazards associated with each step in the operational analysisIdentify Hazards
Determine the associated degree of risk in terms of probability and severity.Assess Hazards
Starts with the most serious risk first and select controls that will reduce the riskMake risk decisions
Measures that can be used to eliminate hazards or reduce the degree of risk.Implement Controls
Conduct follow-up evaluations of the controls to ensure they remain in place and have desire effect.Supervise
1st principle of ORMAccept risk when benefits outweigh the cost
2nd principle of ORMAccept no unnecessary risk
3rd principle of ORMAnticipate and manage risk by planning
4th principle of ORMMake risk decisions at the right level
Explain the 9 common elements found in combat..Violent, Casualties, confusion, Isolation, Communication, Individual discomfort, Fear, Continuous Operations, Homesickness
Explain how Marines and Sailors can overcome fear....Morale, Discipline, Esprit de corps, Proficiency, Motivation
What are the six troop leading steps..Begin Planning/Arrange for reconnaissance/Make reconnaissance/Complete the plan/Issue the order/Supervise
Code of Conduct Article II am an American, fighting in the armed forces which guard my country and our way of life. I am prepare to give my life in their defense
Code of Conduct Article III will never surrender of my own free will. If in command, I will never surrender the members fo my command while they have the means to resist.
Code of Conduct Article IIIIf I am captured, I will continue to resist by all means available. I will make every effort to escape and aid others to escape
Code of Conduct Article IVIf I become prisoner of war, I will keep faith with my fellow prisoners.
Code of Conduct Article VWhen questioned, should I become a prisoner of war, I am required to give name, rank, service number, and date of birth.
Code of Conduct Article VII will never forget that I am an American, fighting for freedom, reponsible for my actions, and dedicated to the principle which made my country free.
#1 Discuss the rights of a prisoner of war?The right to receive housing and clothing
#2 Discuss the rights of a prisoner of war?The right to receive food and to sustain good health
#3 Discuss the rights of a prisoner of war?The right to receive adequate medical care
#4 Discuss the rights of a prisoner of war?The right to practice religious faith
Information Marines and Sailors are required to give their captors?Name/Rank/Service Number/ D.O.B.
Discuss the nine general first aid rules....Take a moment to get organized/Unless Contraindicated, examine in the position and place you find them/Remember irreversible brain damage can occur within 4 to 6 min./Examine the victim for fractures/Remove enough clothing to get a clear idea of the injury/Keep victim reassured and comfortable/Avoid touching open wounds or burns/Position unconscious victim on his side or back/Carry a litter patient feet first
Sorting for treatment (Tactical)...Class #1/Treatment that can be done on an outpatient or ambulatory basis/Class II....Immediate life-sustaining mearsures....Class III/Patients for whom definitive treatment can be delayed without treatment beyond the immediate medical capabilities
Sorting for treatment (Nontactical)Priority I/Patients with correctible life-threatening illness or injuries such as respiratory arrest or obstruction.... Priority II/Patients with serious but non-life threatening illness.... Priority III/Patients with minor injuries such as soft tissue injuries, minor to moderate burns.... Priority IV/Patients who are dead or fatally injured
What are the 3 steps for a primary survey?A=Airway... B=Breathing... C=Circulation
What are the three duties of the interior guard?Preserve order/Protect property/Enforce regulations
What is the interior guard chain of command?Commanding officer/Commander of the guard/Sergeant of the guard/Corporal of the guard
Define deadly force and when it can be used?Efforts of individual used against another to cause death, substantial risk of death, or serious bodily harm
What are six conditions that justify the use of deadly force?#1-Defend yourself... #2 Defend property not involving national security... #3-Defend property not involving national security but dangerous to others.... #4-Prevent crimes against people... #5-Apprehend individuals... #6-Establish or maintain lawful order
Define the Threatcon System...Alpha-General threat of possible terrorist activity against installations and personnel/Bravo-An increased and more predictable threat of terriost action/Charlie-An incident has occurred or that intelligence has been receivedand that action is imminent/Delta-Terriost attack has occured or that intelligence indicates terrorist action against as specific location is likely.
Identify the three levels of security classifications..Top Secret: Exceptionally grave damage..... Secret:Serious damage..... Confidential-Damage to national security
Describe methods that foreign agents use in collecting information...Observe/Eavesdrop/Read news releases/Listen to careless talk/Obtain classified documents
Discuss the maximum transmission ranges for the following settings..Lo power:200M-400M/Medium Power:400M-5KM/High Power:5KM-10M/Power Amplifier:10KM-40KMm
What is the use of the OE-254 Antenna?Will increase ranges for both voice and data transmissions
What are the 4 methods to tie down an antenna?Stay-down clamp/snap-free clamp/stay-down clip/snap-free clip
How long is the battery life for the SINCGARS radio?Battery life on continously is 12hrs. Intermitent use 48 hrs
Discuss the field of view using the off-center vision method?Looking 6 to 10 degress above or below, or to either side
Discuss the field of view using the scanning method?Looking from right to left or left to right using a slow, regular scanning movmement.
Discuss the field of view using the strip mehtod?Look first at the ground nearest you. Search a narrow stip 50 meters or less.
Define the intelligence information report (SALUTE)..Size/Activity/Location/Unit Identification/Time/Equipment
Define the five paragraphs of the operations order (SMEAC)..Situation/Mission/Execution/Administration and Logistics/Command and Signal
Discuss the acronym SAFE..Security/Automatic Weapon/Field of fire/Entrenchment
Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a two-man fighthing hole?Disadvantage:Two-man fighting hole offer less protection against a tank crossing and bombing/Advantages:allows continous obsrvation, mutual assistance and reassurance.
Discuss camouflage, cover, and concealment..Anything that you can use to keep yourself from looking like what they reall are./Cover:Gives protection from bullets, fragments/Concealment:Anything that hides you from enemy observation
Discuss the proper way to observe around a corner...Short stock technique/Popping the corner technique
Priority 1-UrgentEmergency cases should be evacuated as soon as maximum of 2 hours
Priority 1A-Urgent SurgicalAssigned to patients who must receive surgical intervention to save life
Priority 2-PriorityPersonnel should be evacuated within 4 hrs
Priority 3-RoutineSick and wounded should be evacuated within 24hrs
Priority 4-ConveniencePatient evacuation by medical convenience rather than necessity
What is the difference between war and MOOTW?War: National power are unable to achieve national objectives. MOOTW: Focus on detering war, resolving conflict, promote peace
What are Strikes and Raids?Strikes are offensive operations conducted to inflict damage or destrou objective. Raid is usually a small-scale operation involving swift penetration of hostile territory.
Mobility-Impact on urban warfareNoncombants civilians attempting to escape the battlespace, can blick movement.
Firepower-Impact on urban warfareThe presence of noncombatants can restrict the use of firepower
Security-Impact on urban warfareNoncombants entering defensive areas, pilferage of equipment, sabotage, terrorism
Obstacle Employment-Impact on urban warfareNoncombatants will influence the MAGTFs commander's obstacle plan
Operational Maneuver from the SeaFocuses on operational objective Uses the sea as maneuver space Generates overwhelming tempo and momentum Emphasizes intelligence Intergrates all organic, joint, and oombined assets
Discuss the six tasks of the CE of the FSSGProvide centralized ground supply support/Provide authorized overflow organizational (2d echelon), intermediate (3d &4th echelon)/Coordinate transportation/Provide general engineering/Provide health service/Coordinate services support
Direct SupportA mission requiring a force to support another specific force
General SupportSupport which is given to the supported force
Task organizationOrganization which assigns to responsible commanders the means to accomplish thier assigned task
Logistics is defined as?The science of planning and carrying out movement and maintenance of forces
Combat service support is defined as?The essential capabilities, functions, activities of all elements of operating forces
Discuss the three levels of logistic support?Strategic, Operational, Tactical
State the six functional areas of tactical logistics?Supply/Maintenance/Transportation/General Engineering/ Health Services/ Services
Marine air-ground task force element is tasked to do what?Task organized to provide full range of combat services support to accomplish the MAGTF mission
Acronym-LTILimited technical Inspection
Acronym-TAMTable of authorized material
Acronym-TETable of equipment
Acronym-TOTable of Organization
A MEU can sustain itself for how many days?15 Days
A MEF forward brigade can sustain itself for how many days30 Days
A MEF can sustain itself for how many days?60 Days
What is the Maritime Prespositioning ForceBrigade-sized unit deployment/MEF deployment utilizing Military Sealift Command
What is the mission of the Maintenance Battalion?Provide general support and intermediate (3d &4th echelon) maintenance supportof the MEF
What are the eight tasks of Maintenance Battalion of the FSSG?Provide 3d echelon maintenance/Provide intermediate/Provide a tracked vechile/Provide calibration/Provide organizational 2d echelon/Provide technical assistance/Provide intermediate maintenance/Provide technical inspection services
What is the mission of H&S Company?Provides command and control, admin, and command support for maintenance battalion
Define the Organization of H&S company..Company is organized to plan, coordinate, supervise the logistics/CSS functions of the MEF
Define the mission of the Ordnance Maintenance Company..Provides intermediate (3d & 4th echelon) maintenance support of a MEF
Define the organization of the Ordnance battalion...Structured to provide appropriate technical & supervisory personnel and equipment for a MEF
Define the mission of Engineer Maintenance CompanyProvide intermediate (3d & 4th echelon) maintenance support of a MEF
Define the Organization of Engineer Maintenance CompanyProvide appropriate technical and supervisory personnel & equipment for a MEF
Define the mission of General Support Maintenance CompanyProvides general support intermediate (3d & 4th echelon) maintenance support, including component rebuilding of a MEF
Define the Organization of the General Support Maintenance CompanyProvide the appropriate technical and supervisory personnel and equipment to augment the maintenance elements of a CSSE
What are the three categories of maintenance?Organizational, intermediate, and depot
OverhaulThe restoration of an item to completely serviceable conditiond
Preventive MaintenanceThe care and servicing by personnel for the purpose of maintaining equipment
RebuildRestoration item nearly as possible to its original condition in appearance
RepairRestoration of an item through correction of a specific failure or unserviceable condition
UnserviceableAn item in a condition unfit for use. Can be restored to a serviceable condition
Define the mission of the Supply Battalion of the Force Service Support GroupProvides support supply support except for Bulk Fuel & Navy-funded stock programs
Define the Organization of Supply battalion of the Force Service Support GroupProvide commodity-oriented, task-organized detachments for the MAGTF
Define the mission of H&S Company of Supply BattalionProvide command and control admin & command support functions
Define the Organization of H&S Company of the Supply BattalionProvide specified general support supply functions for MAGTF's
Define the mission of the Supply Company of the Supply BattalionProvides general support supply support to sustain the operations of the MEF

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