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Chapter 9 Section 3 A Grand Convention

Virginia Plancalled for 3 branches of government and a 2 house legislature based on population
New Jersey Plancalled for 3 branches of government and a one house legislature /one vote for each state
compromisesettlement on each side in which each side agrees to give up some of its demands
Great Compromisecomposed by Roger Sherman of Connecticut
Part #1 of Great Compromisetwo house legislature-each state gets 2 senators House of Reps. based on the population of each state
3/5's Compromise3 out of every 5 slaves in the South could be counted as part of the population
Randolph and Madisonproposed the Virginia Plan
William Patersonproposed the New Jersey Plan
TurkeyBen Franklin's chose for our national symbol
Rhode IslandOnly state not to send delegates to the Constitutional Convention
PhiladelphiaSite of the Constitutional Convention in 1787
Ben FranklinOldest menber to the convention

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