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SAT Vocab Roots CULP - FERV

CULPblame, fault (culprit, exculpate)
CURR, CURSrun (current, incursion)
DEdown, out, apart (depart, deface)
DECten, tenth (decade, decimal)
DEMO, DEMpeople (demographics, epidemic)
DI, DIURNday (diary, diurnal)
DIAacross (diagonal, diatribe)
DIC, DICTspeak (diction, verdict)
DIS, DIF, DInot, apart, away (disaffected, disburse)
DOC, DOCTteach (docile, doctrine)
DOLpain (condolence, dolorous)
DUC, DUCTlead (seduce, conduct)
EGOself (ego, egocentric)
EN, EMin, into (enter, embellish)
ERRwander (erratic, errant)
EUwell, good (eulogy, euphoria)
EX, Eout, out of (exit, exult)
FAC, FIC, FECT, FY, FEAmake, do (factory, affect)
FAL, FALSdecieve (infallible, false)
FERVboil (fervent, effervescent

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