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Science SOL 4.3 - Electricity and Magnetism Matchup

Repeat this activity several times. You'll see many new terms each time you try.

ConductorAny material through which an electric current can easily flow.
InsulatorA material that does not easily allow the flow of an electric current.
ResistanceAnything that works against the free flow of electric current.
CircuitThe pathway taken by an electric current.
Electric currentA continuous flow of negative charges (electrons) creates this.
Static electricityAn electrical charge produced when rubbing causes an object to gain or lose electrons.
LightningA form of static electricity that occurs when electrical charges build up in clouds and on the ground, and are then released.
Chemical energyEnergy that is released by chemical reactions.
Mechanical energyThe energy that moves objects.
BatteryProduces electric current by changing chemical energy to electrical energy.
MagnetA piece of metal that has an invisible magnetic field around it.
Series circuitA circuit which connects several objects, one after the other, in a single path.
Parallel circuitA circuit which connects several objects, but with many paths.
SwitchesThese control the flow of electricity through a circuit.
Iron, cobalt, and nickelMetals that make good magnets
ElectromagnetsMade by current flowing through wire which is coiled around a piece of iron.
A compassA needle shaped magnet used for determining location or direction.
Volts and ampsMeasurements of electricity
Closed circuitsCircuits that allow the movement of electrical energy.
Open circuitsThese circuits do not allow the movement of electrical energy.
Electrical energyEnergy caused by the movement of electrons

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