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Science Unit C Chap 1 Ecosystems

environmentthe surroundings in which an organism lives, which provide the specific things an organism needs
bioticrelating to the living parts of the environment
abioticrelating to the nonliving parts of the environment
habitatthe part of the environment in which an organism lives
populationorganisms of the same species living together in the same environment
communitythe populations living in the same environment at the same time
ecosystema community and the abiotic parts of its environment
nichethe role of an organism in an ecosystem
evaporationthe change of water from liquid water to water vapor
water cyclethe movement of water through Earth's ecosystems
transpirationthe process by which plants lose water in the air
condensationthe process by which water vapor changes from a gas to a liquid
precipitationthe liquid water that returns to Earth's surface, usually as rain or snow
groundwaterwater that soaks in the ground
carbon dioxide-oxygen cyclethe flow of carbon dioxide and oxygen through Earth's ecosystem
nitrogen cyclethe movement of nitrogen through ecosystems
reusable resoursesresources that can be used again & again
renewable resourcesresources that can be replaced within a human life span
nonrenewable resourcesresources that cannot be replaced within a human lifespan


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