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Vocabulary for Gr3Sem3

No slouches need apply! A totally outrageous number of vocabulary terms to supplement your study of Grade 3 Sem 3 kanji. Work through fifty or a hundred a day get a feel for the readings and meanings. Overachievers can try to learn them all. See kanji in their natural habitat--words!

2000年問題にせんねんもんだい----Y2K bug; year 2000 problem
お客様おきゃくさま----(honoured) guest
お札おさつ----bill; note (currency)
お子様おこさま----(pol) child
お上り様おのぼりさん----visitor from the country; country bumpkin
お待ち遠様おまちどおさま----(id) I'm sorry to have kept you waiting
お湯おゆ----hot water; bath
お日様おひさま----the sun
お母様おかあさま----(hon) mother
お洒落おしゃれ----(an) smartly dressed; someone smartly dressed; fashion-conscious
ご注意ごちゅうい----be careful
それに加えてそれにくわえて----in addition to this
それ以来それいらい----since then; from that time; ever since
どちら様どちらさま----(hon) (id) who are you?
に加えにくわえ----in addition
に加えてにくわえて----in addition
ぽたぽた落ちるぽたぽたおちる----to fall in drops; to drip down; to trickle down
よじ登るよじのぼる----to climb
アセンブリー言葉アセンブリーことば----assembly language
イ長調イちょうちょう----A major
カーソル強調カーソルきょうちょう----cursored emphasis
ガス欠ガスけつ----running out of gasoline
コンパイラー言葉コンパイラーことば----compiler language
セ氏セし----Centigrade; Celsius
ト長調トちょうちょう----G major
ドル札ドルさつ----dollar bill
ニ長調ニちょうちょう----D major
ハ長調ハちょうちょう----C major
ヘ長調ヘちょうちょう----F major
ホ長調ホちょうちょう----E major
ロ長調ロちょうちょう----B major
愛着あいちゃく----attachment; love; covetous affection
悪し様にあしざまに----unfavorably; slanderously
悪意あくい----ill will; malice; spite; evil intention; bad faith
悪感あっかん----ill or unhappy feeling
悪感化あっかんか----evil influence
悪漢あっかん----rascal; villain; scoundrel; ruffian; crook
悪童あくどう----bad boy
悪筆あくひつ----poor handwriting
悪平等あくびょうどう----leaning over backwards to be impartial
悪遊びわるあそび----prank; evil pleasures; gambling
悪路あくろ----bad road
悪洒落わるじゃれ----offensive joke
安心感あんしんかん----sense of security
安着あんちゃく----safe arrival
暗いくらい----(uk) dark; gloomy
暗雲あんうん----dark clouds
暗記あんき----(vs) memorization; learning by heart
暗号あんごう----code; password
暗号化あんごうか----(vs) encryption; password protected
暗黒期あんこくき----eclipse period
暗黒時代あんこくじだい----the Dark Ages
暗算あんざん----mental arithmetic
暗室あんしつ----dark room
暗色あんしょく----dark colour
暗赤色あんせきしょく----dark red
暗中あんちゅう----in the dark
暗転あんてん----sudden lowering of stage lights
暗部あんぶ----dark side (of nature; town; etc.)
暗夜あにゃ----dark night
以てもって----with; by; by means of; because; in view of
以ての外もってのほか----absurd; unreasonable
以遠いえん----beyond; further than
以下いか----less than; up to; below; under; and downward; not exceeding; the following; the rest
以下のようないかのような----the following kind(s) of
以下の通りいかのとおり----as below; as follows
以外いがい----with the exception of; excepting
以後いご----after this; from now on; hereafter; thereafter
以上いじょう----more than; exceeding; greater than; this is all; over; above; and up; beyond; the above-mentioned; since; as long as; the end
以心伝心いしんでんしん----telepathy; tacit understanding; communion of mind with mind; sympathy
以西いせい----west of; and westward
以前いぜん----ago; since; before; previous
以前にいぜんに----ago; since; before; previously
以東いとう----east of; and eastward
以内いない----within; inside of; less than
以南いなん----south of; and south
以北いほく----north of; and northward
以来いらい----since; henceforth
意外いがい----(an) unexpected; surprising
意外といがいと----surprisingly; unexpectedly
意気いき----spirit; heart; disposition
意気込みいきごみ----ardor; enthusiasm
意気込むいきごむ----to be enthusiastic about
意気地いきじ----self-respect; self-confidence; guts; backbone
意気地なしいくじなし----coward; timid creature
意気地のないいくじのない----spineless; backboneless; timid; cowardly; weak-kneed
意気投合いきとうごう----hit it off with (a person); find a kindred spirit in (a person); sympathy; mutual understanding
意気揚々いきようよう----triumphant; exultant; in high spirits
意義いぎ----meaning; significance
意見いけん----opinion; view
意向いこう----intention; idea; inclination
意思いし----intention; purpose
意思決定いしけってい----decision making
意図いと----intention; aim; design
意想外いそうがい----(a-no) unexpected; unsuspected
意地いじ----disposition; spirit; willpower; obstinacy; "backbone"; appetite
意地を張るいじをはる----to not give in; to be obstinate; to be stubborn; to be perverse
意地悪いじわる----(an) malicious; ill-tempered; unkind
意中いちゅう----one's mind; one's heart; one's intention
意中の女いちゅうのおんな----sweetheart; girlfriend
意中の人いちゅうのひと----sweetheart; person in one's thoughts (heart)
意表いひょう----surprise; something unexpected
意味いみ----(vs) meaning; significance
意味合いいみあい----implication; nuance
意力いりょく----will; will power
違和感いわかん----malaise; incompatibility
医学史いがくし----history of medicine
医学士いがくし----Bachelor of Medicine; M.B.
医薬品いやくひん----medical supplies
医薬分業いやくぶんぎょう----separation of medical and dispensary practice
一意いちい----unique; earnestness
一円札いちえんさつ----1 yen bill
一札いっさつ----a document; a bond
一士いっし----private first class (JSDF)
一心不乱いっしんふらん----wholeheartedly; intently; with undivided attention
一段落いちだんらく----a pause
一着いっちゃく----first arrival; first in race; suit of clothes
一長一短いっちょういったん----merits & demerits; (something having its) advantages & disadvantages; good points & shortcomings
一等いっとう----first class; first rank; A1; the most; the best
一等国いっとうこく----first-class power
一等車いっとうしゃ----first-class car (coach)
一等親いっとうしん----first-degree relative; member of one's immediate family
一等星いっとうせい----first-magnitude star
一日路いちにちじ----a day's journey
一年以内にいちねんいないに----within a year
一筆いっぴつ----a few lines; stroke of pen
一筆書きひとふでがき----a one-stroke sketch
一分銀いちぶぎん----a silver quarter ryoo
一歩銀いちぶぎん----a silver quarter ryoo
一本橋いっぽんばし----a log bridge
一様いちよう----uniformity; evenness; similarity; equality; impartiality
一路いちろ----one road; one way; straight; earnestly
一六勝負いちろくしょうぶ----gambling; speculation
引き落すひきおとす----(vt) to pull down; to automatically debit (from a bank account)
引き落とすひきおとす----(vt) to pull down; to automatically debit (from a bank account)
引落すひきおとす----(vt) to pull down; to automatically debit (from a bank account)
引落とすひきおとす----(vt) to pull down; to automatically debit (from a bank account)
飲み放題のみほうだい----(id) all you can drink; bottomless cup
飲み薬のみぐすり----internal medicine
右葉うよう----right lobe
運転士うんてんし----mate; (ship's) officer
運動不足うんどうぶそく----insufficient exercise
運筆うんぴつ----brush strokes
営業マンえいぎょうマン----salesman; businessman
営業所えいぎょうしょ----business office; place of business
営業中えいぎょうちゅう----open (e.g. store)
営業畑えいぎょうばたけ----sales field
営業部えいぎょうぶ----sales department
営農えいのう----(vs) farming; agriculture
英詩えいし----English poetry
駅ビルえきびる----station building
駅員えきいん----station attendant
駅前えきまえ----in front of station
駅前通りえきまえどおり----street in front of station
駅長えきちょう----station master
駅伝えきでん----stagecoach; post horse
駅夫えきふ----railway employee (porter)
駅名えきめい----station name
園遊会えんゆうかい----garden party
演題えんだい----subject of an address
よこ----beside; side; width
横たえるよこたえる----to lie down; to lay (oneself) down
横たわるよこたわる----to lie down; to stretch out
横っ面よこっつら----side of face
横によこに----across; crossways; crosswise; sideways; horizontally
横ばいよこばい----(vs) sidewise crawl (e.g. of a crab); crawling sideways
横顔よこがお----face in profile; profile; face seen from the side
横向きよこむき----turning sideways
横向くよこむく----to turn sideways
横好きよこずき----being crazy about something; but not be good at it
横行おうこう----walking sideways; staggering; striding
横合いよこあい----side; flank
横死おうし----violent (tragic or accidental) death; dog's death
横車よこぐるま----(id) perverseness; forcing one's unreasonable demands; obstinate
横取りよこどり----usurpation; snatching; seizure
横手よこて----side; beside
横書きよこがき----writing horizontally
横切るよこぎる----to cross (e.g. arms); to traverse
横線おうせん----horizontal line; abscissa
横着おうちゃく----dishonesty; laziness; cunning
横丁よこちょう----lane; alley; side street
横町よこちょう----lane; alley; side street
横笛よこぶえ----flute; fife
横転おうてん----(vs) turning sideways; barrel roll
横道よこみち----side street
横付けよこづけ----(vs) coming alongside
横風よこかぜ----cross wind
横文おうぶん----horizontal (Western) writing
横文字よこもじ----European writing; cross-wise writing
横面よこつら----side of face
横木よこき----crosspiece; bar; rail
横目よこめ----side glance
横様よこざま----wickedness; sideways; unreasonable
横流しよこながし----diversion into illegal channels
横流れよこながれ----flowing into black market
黄葉こうよう----yellow leaves
黄緑おうりょく----pea green; yellow green
黄緑色おうりょくしょく----yellow green; pea green
温湯おんとう----comfortably hot bath; hot spring
音楽史おんがくし----music history
音楽図書館おんがくとしょかん----music library
音感おんかん----sense of sound
音詩おんし----tone poem
音調おんちょう----tune; tone; melody; rhythm; harmony
下げ札さげふだ----tag; label
下ろし薬おろしぐすり----an abortive
下意かい----the feelings of the people
下士かし----noncommissioned officer
下相談したそうだん----preliminary consultation; arrangements
下調べしたしらべ----preliminary investigation; preparation
下湯しもゆ----sitz bath
下等かとう----(an) inferior; base; vulgar; low grade; lower class
下等植物かとうしょくぶつ----lower plants
下等動物かとうどうぶつ----lower animals
下様しもざま----lower classes; common people
下落げらく----depreciation; decline; fall; slump
化学工業かがくこうぎょう----chemical industry
何の様なことどのようなこと----what kind (of thing)
何等なんら----whatever; what; what sort of; any kind of; nothing whatever (with neg. verb)
何等かのなんらかの----some . . . or other
何様なにさま----what kind; how; indeed; truly; extremely; to be sure
か----addition; increase
加うるにくわうるに----besides; furthermore
加えるくわえる----to append; to sum up; to add (up); to include; to increase; to inflict
加わるくわわる----to join in; to accede to; to increase; to gain in (influence)
加温かおん----(vs) heating; heat
加工かこう----manufacturing; processing; treatment
加工業かこうぎょう----processing industries
加工紙かこうし----processed paper; coated paper
加工歯かこうし----dental bridge
加工賃かこうちん----processing fees
加工品かこうひん----processed goods; finished goods
加号かごう----plus sign; sign of addition
加算かさん----add; addition
加持かじ----faith-healing; incantation
加州かしゅう----State of California
加重かちょう----weighting (in averaging); aggravation
加水かすい----(vs) add water
加点かてん----(vs) addition of points; scoring
加入かにゅう----(vs) becoming a member; joining; entry; admission; subscription; affiliation; adherence; signing
加入金かにゅうきん----admission fee
加入者かにゅうしゃ----affiliate; member; entrant; participant; (telephone) subscriber
加年かねん----adding years
加配かはい----additional ration
加配米かはいまい----extra rice ration
加筆かひつ----(vs) correction; improvement; revision
加味かみ----seasoning; flavoring
加役かやく----temporary extra work
加薬かやく----spices; seasoning; adding extra ingredients (med)
加里かり----potassium; potash
夏着なつぎ----summer clothes
家路いえじ----the road home
歌題かだい----name of poem
火夫かふ----fireman; stoker
火薬かやく----gunpowder; powder
火遊びひあそび----(vs) playing with fire; playing with love
花言葉はなことば----language of flowers
花札はなふだ----floral playing cards
荷札にふだ----label; tag
画意がい----meaning of a picture
画題がだい----motif; theme; subject (of picture)
画談がだん----discussions on art and painting
画調がちょう----tone of an image
画筆がひつ----artist's brush
会意かいい----kanji made up of meaningful parts (e.g. "east" is tree plus sun)
会館かいかん----meeting hall; assembly hall
会計士かいけいし----(certified public) accountant
会社営業かいしゃえいぎょう----business administration
会談かいだん----conversation; conference; discussion; interview
回想かいそう----reflection; reminiscence
回想録かいそうろく----memoirs; reminiscence
回遊かいゆう----excursion; circular tour
回路かいろ----circuit (electric)
海水着かいすいぎ----bathing suit
海路うみじ----sea route
絵葉書えはがき----picture postcard
開回路かいかいろ----open circuit
開館かいかん----opening of new hall
開業医かいぎょうい----medical practitioner
外交問題がいこうもんだい----diplomatic issue
外国人登録がいこくじんとうろく----alien registration
外湯そとゆ----(inn's) open air bath
外遊がいゆう----foreign travel
外様とざま----collateral line; one not included in the favored group; outsider; outside daimyo
外用薬がいようやく----external medicine
各駅かくえき----every station
各人各様かくじんかくよう----So many men; so many ways.
学士がくし----university graduate
学童がくどう----school child; pupil
楽士がくし----musician; bandsman
楽勝らくしょう----easy victory
楽想がくそう----melodic subject; theme
楽調がくちょう----musical tone
活路かつろ----means of escape
乾生植物かんせいしょくぶつ----desert plants
完勝かんしょう----(vs) complete victory
感じかんじ----feeling; sense; impression
感じるかんじる----to feel; to sense; to experience
感じ取るかんじとる----to feel
感ずるかんずる----to feel; to sense
感づくかんづく----to apprehend; to get an inkling (of something); to smell (danger)
感化かんか----influence; inspiration; reform; correction
感光かんこう----(vs) exposure; sensitization
感心かんしん----(an) (vs) admiration; Well done!
感想かんそう----impressions; thoughts
感知かんち----(vs) perception
感電かんでん----(vs) receive an electric shock
感度かんど----sensitivity; severity (quake)
感度良好かんどりょうこう----loud and clear
感動かんどう----(vs) being deeply moved emotionally; excitement; impression; deep emotion
感付くかんづく----(uk) to apprehend; to get an inkling (of something); to smell (danger)
漢英かんえい----Kanji to English (dictionary)
漢音かんおん----Han reading of Chinese characters
漢語かんご----Chinese word; Sino-Japanese word
漢字かんじ----Chinese characters; kanji
漢字文化かんじぶんか----(the so-called) kanji culture
漢時代かんじだい----Han dynasty
漢文かんぶん----Chinese (classical) literature
漢方かんぽう----traditional Chinese medicine
漢方薬かんぽうやく----herbal medicine
漢民族かんみんぞく----Chinese people; Han race
漢和かんわ----Chinese Character-Japanese (e.g. dictionary)
間欠かんけつ----intermittence; intermittent
閑話休題かんわきゅうだい----(id) Now let's return to the main subject; To return from the digression;... (in a coversation; speech; or story-telling)
やかた----mansion house; boat cabin
館娃かんあい----palace (in China built by Wu Dynasty King)
館員かんいん----personnel (of public building)
館長かんちょう----superintendent; director
館内かんない----in the building
丸暗記まるあんき----indiscriminate memorizing
丸勝ちまるがち----complete victory; clean record
丸木橋まるきばし----log bridge
企業プランきぎょうぷらん----corporate plan (business)
企業心きぎょうしん----enterprising spirit
企業整備きぎょうせいび----curtailment of business operations
帰着きちゃく----return; conclusion
気が短いきがみじかい----to be quick-tempered; to have little patience
気功きこう----(MA) breathing exercise; breath control; spirit cultivation; chi kung; qigong
気落ちきおち----(vs) discouraged; dispirited; despondent
議題ぎだい----topic of discussion; agenda
休業きゅうぎょう----closed (e.g. store); business suspended; shutdown; holiday
休業日きゅうぎょうび----business holiday
急落きゅうらく----sudden fall; sharp fall; sudden drop; sharp drop
居着くいつく----to settle down
共同農場きょうどうのうじょう----collective farm
強調きょうちょう----(vs) emphasis; stress; stressed point
教会史きょうかいし----church history
教練きょうれん----(mil) drill
橋かけはしかけ----(vs) bridge building; cross-linking
橋渡しはしわたし----"bridge building"; mediation
業界アナリストぎょうかいアナリスト----industry analyst
業界紙ぎょうかいし----trade journal
業界動向ぎょうかいどうこう----industry trend
曲筆きょくひつ----misrepresentation; falsification
曲路きょくろ----winding road
近代史きんだいし----modern history
近鉄きんてつ----(abbr) Kinki Nippon Tetsudou (railway co.)
近路ちかみち----short way; shortcut
金銀きんぎん----gold & silver
金欠きんけつ----running out of money
金門橋きんもんきょう----Golden Gate Bridge (in the US)
しろがね----silver; silver coin; silver paint
銀メダルぎんメダル----silver medal
銀漢ぎんかん----Milky Way
銀行員ぎんこういん----bank employee; banker
銀行系カードぎんこうけいカード----bank issued credit card
銀山ぎんざん----silver mine
銀紙ぎんがみ----silver paper
銀色ぎんいろ----silver color
銀着せぎんきせ----(a-no) silver-plated
区画整理くかくせいり----land readjustment; town planning
空気調整くうきちょうせい----air conditioning
空想くうそう----daydream; phantasy; fancy; vision
空調くうちょう----(abbr) air conditioning
空箱からばこ----empty box
空路くうろ----air lane
軍談ぐんだん----war story
軍夫ぐんぷ----military porter
軍路ぐんろ----military road
経路けいろ----course; route; channel
計理士けいりし----public accountant
欠かすかかす----to miss (doing); to fail (to do)
欠くかく----to lack; to break; to crack; to chip
欠けかけ----fragment; splinter
欠けらかけら----fragment; broken pieces; splinter
欠けるかける----to be lacking
欠員けついん----vacancy; vacant position
欠勤けっきん----absence (from work)
欠字けつじ----omitted word; blank type; missing letter
欠場けつじょう----(vs) absence; not taking part
欠席けっせき----(vs) absence; non-attendance
欠点けってん----faults; defect; weakness
欠番けつばん----missing number
欠文けつぶん----missing part (of manuscript)
欠礼けつれい----failure to pay one's compliments; omission of courtesy
決意けつい----decision; determination
決勝けっしょう----decision of a contest; finals (in sports)
決勝点けっしょうてん----winning point (goal); finishing line
決着けっちゃく----conclusion; decision; end; settlement
結着けっちゃく----conclusion; decision; end; settlement
県民会館けんみんかいかん----prefectural meeting hall
見様見真似みようみまね----(id) learn by watching others
見落とすみおとす----to overlook; to fail to notice
原意げんい----original meaning
原詩げんし----original poem
原題げんだい----original title
原薬げんやく----(bulk) drug substance
言葉ことば----word(s); language; speech
古意こい----ancient ways; the feelings of the ancients
古史こし----ancient history
古詩こし----ancient poems
古代史こだいし----ancient history
古着ふるぎ----old clothes; secondhand clothing
古鉄ふるがね----scrap iron; scrap metal
古筆こひつ----old writing
古筆家こひつか----expert in old writing
五感ごかん----the five senses
五十路いそじ----50 years; age fifty
午前様ごぜんさま----(id) person who stays out all night
語意ごい----meaning of a word
語感ごかん----sense of language
語調ごちょう----tone (of voice); note; accent
交感こうかん----rapport; mutual sympathy
交代作業こうたいさぎょう----working in shifts
交通整理こうつうせいり----traffic control
交通路こうつうろ----traffic route
交遊こうゆう----friend; friendship
公開図書館こうかいとしょかん----public library
公館こうかん----official residence
公共図書館こうきょうとしょかん----public library
公民館こうみんかん----public hall; community center
公路こうろ----public road; highway
功業こうぎょう----exploit; achievement
功名こうみょう----great achievement
功名心こうみょうしん----ambition; aspiration
口言葉くちことば----words in common use
口調くちょう----tone; expression
好き勝手すきかって----(an) doing whatever one pleases
好意こうい----good will; favor; courtesy
好感こうかん----good feeling; good will; favourable impression
好漢こうかん----fine fellow
好調こうちょう----(an) favourable; promising; satisfactory; in good shape
工業地区こうぎょうちく----industrial zone
工夫こうふ----labourer; worker
幸福こうふく----(an) happiness; blessedness
行き着くゆきつく----to arrive at; to end up
行方不明ゆくえふめい----missing; unaccounted for
行方不明者ゆくえふめいしゃ----missing person
香箱こうばこ----incense box
高感度こうかんど----high sensitive (e.g. film; radio receiver)
高速道路こうそくどうろ----highway; freeway
高等こうとう----high class; high grade
高等学校こうとうがっこう----senior high school
号館ごうかん-----building number
合い薬あいぐすり----specific remedy
合意ごうい----agreement; consent; mutual understanding
合意心中ごういしんじゅう----double suicide
合着あいぎ----between-season wear
合調ごうちょう----tuning (music)
国史こくし----history of a nation; Japanese history
国士こくし----distinguished citizen; patriot
国鉄こくてつ----national railway
国等こくとう----(suf) ~countries like
国立図書館こくりつとしょかん----national library
黒緑くろみどり----blackish green
今以ていまもって----still; yet; (not) yet
今日様こんにちさま----sun god
今様いまよう----modern style
今様歌いまよううた----Heian poetry style
根ほり葉ほりねほりはほり----(id) thoroughly; persistently; through-and-through
根も葉もないねもはもない----(id) unfounded rumor; completely untrue
根暗ねくら----dark-natured; introverted; dour; moody; insular; glum; pessimistic
佐様さよう----(an) such; of that kind; like that; yes; indeed; well...
左様ならさようなら----(uk) good-bye
才筆さいひつ----literary talent; clever style
作意さくい----idea; design; motif; conception; intention
作業グループさぎょうグループ----working group
作業場さぎょうば----works; workshop
作業部会さぎょうぶかい----working group
作業用さぎょうよう----for work; for manufacturing
作詩さくし----versification; verse making
さつ----note; paper money
札束さつたば----roll of banknotes
三業地さんぎょうち----licensed red-light quarters
三士さんし----recruit (JSDF)
三者会談さんしゃかいだん----three-cornered conversation
三十路みそじ----age thirty
三等さんとう----third class
三等分さんとうぶん----(vs) trisect
三日路みっかじ----three-day journey
三筆さんぴつ----three famous ancient calligraphers: Emperor Saga and Tachibana (no) Hayanari and Kooboo Daishi
三文文士さんもんぶんし----hack writer
参加者さんかしゃ----participant; entrant
山登りやまのぼり----mountain climbing; mountaineering
仕事着しごとぎ----work clothes; business suit
仕着しきせ----livery; servant's clothes provided by employers
仕放題しほうだい----having one's own way
仕様しよう----way; method; resource; remedy; (technical) specification
仕様がないしようがない----(id) It can't be helped; It is inevitable; Nothing can be done
仕様書しようしょ----specification document
仕様書きしようがき----specification documents
使い様つかいよう----how to use
史学しがく----study of history
史詩しし----historical poem
史実しじつ----historical fact
史書ししょ----history book
史上しじょう----(a-no) historical
史上にしじょうに----in history
史上最大しじょうさいだい----greatest ... in history
史乗しじょう----history; annals
史談しだん----historical story
史的現在してきげんざい----historical present
史伝しでん----history and biography; historical material
史筆しひつ----historical writing
史料しりょう----historical records
史料館学しりょうかんがく----archive science
士気しき----morale (of troops; team; etc.)
士君子しくんし----gentleman; man of learning and virtue
士女しじょ----men & women; the whole town
士長しちょう----leading private (JSDF)
士農工商しのうこうしょう----hierarchy of samurai; farmers; artisans; and merchants in Edo society
市民会館しみんかいかん----City meeting hall
思想しそう----thought; idea
うじ----family name
氏子札うじこふだ----charm for shrine visitors
私書箱ししょばこ----Post Office Box
私鉄してつ----private railway
詩歌しいか----Japanese (& Chinese) poetry
詩集ししゅう----poetry anthology
事業家じぎょうか----enterprising man; businessman; industrialist
事業界じぎょうかい----industrial or business world
事業者じぎょうしゃ----business person
事業所じぎょうしょ----plant; enterprise place; office
事業年度じぎょうねんど----fiscal year
事業部じぎょうぶ----division (of company); operations department
事業部長じぎょうぶちょう----Senior Executive Manager
事業本部じぎょうほんぶ----corporate HQ
事欠かないことかかない----to have an abundance
事欠くことかく----to lack
事前の同意じぜんのどうい----prior consent
事大思想じだいしそう----admiration of the powerful
侍史じし----private secretary; respectfully
持薬じやく----one's usual medicine
時短じたん----shortening of time
耳鼻じび----nose and ears
自作農じさくのう----landed farmer; owner farmer
自筆じひつ----one's own handwriting
自分勝手じぶんかって----(very) selfish; self-centered
自由業じゆうぎょう----self-employed profession (e.g. actor; artist); liberal profession
七五調しちごちょう----seven-and-five-syllable meter
七十路ななそじ----age seventy
七福神しちふくじん----Seven Deities of Good Luck
失意しつい----disappointment; despair; adversity
失業者しつぎょうしゃ----unemployed person
失業手当てしつぎょうてあて----unemployment allowance
失着しっちゃく----mistake; negligence
失調しっちょう----lack of harmony
失名氏しつめいし----unknown person
実意じつい----sincerity; real intentions
実感じっかん----feelings (actual; true)
実業家じつぎょうか----industrialist; businessman
写真館しゃしんかん----photo studio
写真植字しゃしんしょくじ----photosetting (in printing)
車高短しゃこうたん----car with the body lowered; lowrider
主の箱しゅのはこ----Ark of the Lord
主意しゅい----main meaning; opinion; idea; aim; motive; gist; meaning
主題しゅだい----subject; theme; motif
主題歌しゅだいか----theme song
主調しゅちょう----keynote; main melody
主筆しゅひつ----editor in chief
主薬しゅやく----principal agent (in a medicine)
取り調べとりしらべ----investigation; examination; inquiry
取り調べるとりしらべる----to investigate; to examine
取調とりしらべ----investigation; examination; inquiry
取調べとりしらべ----investigation; examination; inquiry
手箱てばこ----(small) box to keep valuables; etc.
手落ちておち----oversight; omission
終業しゅうぎょう----end of work; end of school
終着駅しゅうちゃくえき----terminal station
習練しゅうれん----(vs) practice; training; discipline
住み着くすみつく----to settle down
住民登録じゅうみんとうろく----resident registration
住友銀行すみともぎんこう----Sumitomo Bank
重ね着かさねぎ----wearing one garment over another
重工業じゅうこうぎょう----heavy industry
重湯おもゆ----thin rice gruel; rice water
重箱じゅうばこ----nest of boxes
重箱読みじゅうばこよみ----corrupt pronunciation (on-kun mixture)
重陽ちょうよう----Chrysanthemum Festival (the 9th day of the 9th lunar month)
出し放題だしほうだい----free flow of water
出た所勝負でたとこしょうぶ----leaving a matter to chance
出欠しゅっけつ----presence or absence
出札しゅっさつ----issuing tickets
出札係しゅっさつがかり----ticket agent
出札口しゅっさつぐち----ticket window
出札所しゅっさつじょ----ticket office
出題しゅつだい----proposing a question
出湯いでゆ----hot springs
出放題でほうだい----free flow (of water); random talk; nonsense
出様でよう----attitude; move; measures (to take)
純銀じゅんぎん----pure silver
所以ゆえん----reason; way of doing; cause; grounds
所感しょかん----impression; feeling
書き加えるかきくわえる----to add (e.g. a postscript)
書き言葉かきことば----the written word; the written language
女に不自由おんなにふじゆう----a guy who never gets the women; nerd
女湯おんなゆ----women's bath
勝たれぬかたれぬ----to be unable to win
勝ちかち----win; victory
勝ちとるかちとる----to obtain; to secure; to win
勝ち通すかちとおす----to win straight victories
勝ち味かちみ----sign of victory
勝ち目かちめ----chance; odds
勝つかつ----to win
勝るまさる----to excel; to surpass; to outrival
勝楽しょうらく----Cakrasamvara; Samvara; Supreme Bliss (tantric Buddhist deity)
勝算しょうさん----prospects of victory; chances of success
勝者しょうしゃ----winner; victor
勝手かって----(an) kitchen; one's own convenience; one's way; selfishness
勝手にかってに----arbitrarily; of it's own accord; involuntarily; wilfully; as one pleases
勝負しょうぶ----(vs) victory or defeat; match; contest; game; bout
勝利しょうり----victory; triumph; conquest; success; win
勝利者しょうりしゃ----winner; victor; conqueror
商学士しょうがくし----Bachelor of Commercial Science
商館しょうかん----firm; trading company
商業しょうぎょう----commerce; trade; business
商業界しょうぎょうかい----commercial world
商業学しょうぎょうがく----commercial science
商業学校しょうぎょうがっこう----commercial school
商業史しょうぎょうし----history of commerce
商業数学しょうぎょうすうがく----commercial mathematics
商業組合しょうぎょうくみあい----guild; trade association
商業地しょうぎょうち----business district
商業地区しょうぎょうちく----commercial district
商業文しょうぎょうぶん----commercial correspondence
商業放送しょうぎょうほうそう----commercial broadcast
商工業しょうこうぎょう----commerce & industry
商工業者しょうこうぎょうしゃ----commercial and industrial men
小意気こいき----(an) smart; stylish
小学館しょうがくかん----Shogakukan (publisher)
小作農こさくのう----tenant farming
小鼻こばな----wings of the nose
少年感化院しょうねんかんかいん----reform school
上っ調子うわっちょうし----(an) flippant; frivolous; shallow
上意じょうい----will or decree (esp. of shogun); emperor's wishes
上古史じょうこし----ancient history
上着うわぎ----coat; tunic; jacket; outer garment
上調子うわちょうし----high pitch; higher tone
上等じょうとう----(an) superiority; first class; very good
上等品じょうとうひん----first-class article
上箱うわばこ----outer box; outer casing
上様うえさま----emperor; shogun; honored person
乗車駅じょうしゃえき----entraining point
植えるうえる----to plant; to grow
植え付けるうえつける----to plant
植え木うえき----garden shrubs; trees; potted plant
植わるうわる----to be planted
植付けるうえつける----to plant
植物しょくぶつ----plant; vegetation
植物園しょくぶつえん----botanical garden
植物人間しょくぶつにんげん----comatose person; human vegetable
植民しょくみん----(vs) colonization
植木うえき----garden shrubs; trees; potted plant
植林しょくりん----(vs) afforestation
色調しきちょう----color tone
食べ放題たべほうだい----(id) all you can eat; smorgasbord
新橋しんばし----Shinbashi (section of Tokyo)
新札しんさつ----new bill; banknote
新着しんちゃく----new arrivals; new acquisitions
新調しんちょう----brand new
新登場しんとうじょう----a new product joining a group of other products
新緑しんりょく----fresh verdure
申し様もうしよう----words; expression
真っ暗まっくら----total darkness; shortsightedness; pitch dark
真暗まくら----total darkness; shortsightedness
真意しんい----real intention; true motive; true meaning
真横まよこ----directly horizontal; right beside
真実一路しんじついちろ----path of sincerity
神経回路網しんけいかいろもう----biological neural network
神童しんどう----prodigy; wonder child
紳士用しんしよう----for men; male-
進路しんろ----course; route
人員整理じんいんせいり----personnel cut
人間以前にんげんいぜん----(a-no) prehuman
人間業にんげんわざ----the work of man
人間同士にんげんどうし----works of man
人才登用じんざいとうよう----selection for high office
人士じんし----well-bred man; people
人夫にんぷ----coolie; carrier; labourer
人文史じんぶんし----history of civilization
人名用漢字じんめいようかんじ----kanji officially for use in names
人様ひとさま----(pol) other people; another
人類史じんるいし----human history
水玉模様みずたまもよう----polka dots
水銀柱すいぎんちゅう----column of mercury
水着みずぎ----bathing suit (woman's)
水薬みずぐすり----potion; liquid medicine
水路すいろ----waterway; channel; aqueduct
世界史せかいし----world history
整うととのう----to be prepared; to be in order; to be put in order; to be arranged
整えととのえ----preparation; arrangement; execution
整えるととのえる----to put in order; to get ready; to arrange; to adjust
整形外科せいけいげか----orthopaedic surgery; plastic surgery
整合せいごう----adjustment; coordination; integration; conformity
整合性せいごうせい----integrity; consistency
整地せいち----soil preparation
整理せいり----(vs) sorting; arrangement; adjustment; regulation
整理券せいりけん----numbered ticket
整理番号せいりばんごう----reference number
整流せいりゅう----(vs) rectification
正意せいい----true heart; correct meaning
正金銀行しょうきんぎんこう----specie bank
正札しょうふだ----correct-price tag
正札付きしょうふだづき----plainly marked; notorious person
正史せいし----authentic history
正調せいちょう----traditional tune
正路せいろ----righteousness; path of righteousness; path of duty; the right track
生み落すうみおとす----to give birth to
生意気なまいき----(an) impertinent; saucy; cheeky; conceit; audacious; brazen
生死にかかわる問題せいしにかかわるもんだい----a matter of life and death
西遊記せいゆうき----Monkey; Journey to the West (classic of Chinese literature)
石橋せっきょう----stone bridge
赤札あかふだ----goods sold; clearance sale
切り札きりふだ----trump card
切り整えるきりととのえる----to cut and prepare (stones)
切り調えるきりととのえる----to trim (hedges)
切り落とすきりおとす----to cut down; to lop off; to prune
切欠くきりかく----to (cut a) notch (in)
切札きりふだ----trump card
接近経路せっきんけいろ----avenue of approach
接着力せっちゃくりょく----bond strength
先ず以てまずもって----first of all; in the first place
先決問題せんけつもんだい----question to be settled first
先勝せんしょう----lucky day in morning; but not afternoon; scoring the first point; winning the first game
先着せんちゃく----first arrival
先登せんとう----head; lead; vanguard; first
先夫せんぷ----former husband; late husband
先様さきさま----the other party
千円札せんえんさつ----1;000 Yen bill
千両箱せんりょうばこ----box of 1000 ryou
洗練せんれん----polish; refine
線路せんろ----line; track; roadbed
前以てまえもって----in advance; beforehand; previously
前史時代ぜんしじだい----prehistoric period
前登録ぜんとうろく----(vs) preregistration
前鼻緒まえはなお----sandal or clog strap
前夫ぜんぷ----former husband
前方不注意ぜんぽうふちゅうい----(id) you're not watching where you're going!
善感ぜんかん----successful vaccination; positive reaction
全く以てまったくもって----as a matter of fact
全館ぜんかん----entire building
全史ぜんし----complete history
全勝ぜんしょう----complete victory
そう----conception; idea; thought
想いおもい----thought; mind; heart; feelings; emotion; sentiment; love; affection; desire; wish; hope; expectation; imagination; experience
想い出おもいで----memories; recollections; reminiscence
想うおもう----to think; to feel
想起そうき----(vs) remembering; recollection; recall
想定そうてい----(vs) hypothesis; supposition; assumption
相談そうだん----(vs) consultation; discussion
相等しいあいひとしい----equal to each other
走路そうろ----race track; course; express trail
多年生植物たねんせいしょくぶつ----perennial plant
多様たよう----diversity; variety
多様化たようか----(vs) diversification
太陽たいよう----sun; solar
太陽光線たいようこうせん----sunlight; rays of the sun
太陽光発電たいようこうはつでん----solar power (generation)
打ち勝つうちかつ----to conquer; to overcome
打ち落とすうちおとす----to knock down; to shoot down; to lop off
打っ欠くぶっかく----to break into pieces; to chip off
体感たいかん----bodily sensation
体調たいちょう----physical condition
体様たいよう----situation; terms
対で勝負するたいでしょうぶする----to play a game on equal terms
対談たいだん----(vs) talk; dialogue; conversation
大勝たいしょう----great victory; crushing victory
大童おおわらわ----strenuous efforts; hard fighting
大童になっておおわらわになって----very busy
大福だいふく----great fortune; good luck; rice cake stuffed with bean jam
大様おおよう----(an) largehearted; generous
第六感だいろっかん----the sixth sense; intuition; hunch
だい----(vs) title; subject; theme; topic
題材だいざい----subject; theme
題目だいもく----title of a book; heading
短歌たんか----tanka; 31-syllable Japanese poem
短期たんき----short term
短期大学たんきだいがく----(two year) junior college
短気たんき----(an) quick temper
短時間たんじかん----short time
短縮形たんしゅくけい----abbreviated form; shortened form
短所たんしょ----defect; demerit; weak point
短大たんだい----junior college
短調たんちょう----minor key (music)
短刀たんとう----short sword; dagger; dirk
短波たんぱ----short wave
短命たんめい----short life
短絡たんらく----(vs) electric short-circuit; draw a hasty inference between two events
段落だんらく----end; conclusion; paragraph
男勝りおとこまさり----(a-no) (of a woman) strong-minded; spirited; mannish
談話だんわ----a talk; conversation
地下鉄ちかてつ----underground train; subway
茶の湯ちゃのゆ----tea ceremony
ちゃく----(suf) counter for suits of clothing; arriving at ..
着くつく----to arrive at; to reach
着けるつける----to arrive; to wear; to put on
着せるきせる----to put on clothes
着るきる----to wear
着メロちゃくメロ----melodic incoming call tones (mobile telephones)
着意ちゃくい----caution; conception; idea
着駅ちゃくえき----destination station; arriving station
着火ちゃっか----(vs) ignited; kindled; catching (fire)
着工ちゃっこう----start of (construction) work
着込むきこむ----to wear extra clothes
着実ちゃくじつ----(an) steady; sound; trustworthy; solid
着手ちゃくしゅ----(vs) embarkation; launch
着心きごころ----feeling of clothes
着心地きごこち----(good or bad) feel when wearing something
着水ちゃくすい----(vs) landing on the water
着想ちゃくそう----(vs) conception; idea
着地ちゃくち----(vs) landing
着直すきなおす----to change clothes
着任ちゃくにん----(vs) take up a new post
着番号きばんごう----incoming (phone) number
着服ちゃくふく----dressing oneself; embezzlement
着払ちゃくばらい----C.O.D. postage
着目ちゃくもく----(vs) attention
着用ちゃくよう----(vs) have on; wearing
中間駅ちゅうかんえき----way station
中心思想ちゅうしんしそう----central idea
中世史ちゅうせいし----mediaeval history
中等ちゅうとう----second grade; medium quality; average; middle class; secondary grade
中等学校ちゅうとうがっこう----secondary school
中等教育ちゅうとうきょういく----secondary education
中農ちゅうのう----middle-class farmer
注意ちゅうい----(vs) caution; being careful; attention (heed); warning; advice
凋落ちょうらく----decline; fall; decay; withering
調うととのう----to be prepared; to be in order; to be put in order; to be arranged
調えるととのえる----to prepare; to arrange; to raise money
調べしらべ----preparation; investigation; inspection
調べるしらべる----(vt) to investigate; to check up
調べ合わすしらべあわす----to tune to; to check against
調教ちょうきょう----(vs) training (animals); breaking (animals)
調合ちょうごう----mixing; compounding
調子ちょうし----tune; tone; key; pitch; time; rhythm; vein; mood; way; manner; style; knack; condition; state of health; strain; impetus; spur of the moment; trend
調子に乗るちょうしにのる----to be elated; to be caught up in the moment
調子をとるちょうしをとる----to beat time; to mark time
調子者ちょうしもの----matter of chance; person easily elated
調子物ちょうしもの----matter of chance; person easily elated
調書ちょうしょ----protocol; preliminary memo
調色ちょうしょく----(vs) mixing colors; tone
調整ちょうせい----(vs) regulation; adjustment
調度ちょうど----supplies; furniture; fixtures
調薬ちょうやく----(vs) dose
調理ちょうり----(vs) cooking
調練ちょうれん----(vs) military drill; training
長短ちょうたん----length; long & short; +-
長調ちょうちょう----major key (music)
直ぐ様すぐさま----immediately; promptly
直談じかだん----personal account (of); direct talks
直筆ちょくひつ----writing with an upright brush; frank writing
直立不動ちょくりつふどう----standing at attention
直路すぐみち----straight road; short cut
追加ついか----(vs) addition; supplement; appendix
追加料金ついかりょうきん----additional fees; charges
追想ついそう----recollection; reminiscence
通過駅つうかえき----train-doesn't-stop station
通路つうろ----passage; pathway
定着ていちゃく----(vs) establishing
鉄かぶとてつかぶと----steel helmet
鉄橋てっきょう----railway bridge; iron bridge
鉄材てつざい----iron material
鉄線てっせん----iron (steel) wire
天意てんい----divine will; providence
天漢てんかん----Milky Way
天気相談所てんきそうだんじょ----weather bureau
天童てんどう----cherub; gods disguised as children; children parading as cherubs
天道様てんとうさま----the sun; providence; god
天福てんぷく----heavenly blessing
転げ落ちるころげおちる----to fall off; to tumble down
転調てんちょう----changing key (during piece); modulation
転落てんらく----(vs) fall; degradation; slump
点火薬てんかやく----priming powders
点鼻薬てんびやく----nose drops
伝送路でんそうろ----line; transmission line; transmission path; transmission route; link
田植えたうえ----rice planting
田夫野人でんぷやじん----rustic; boor; hick
電気回路でんきかいろ----electric circuit
電子回路でんしかいろ----electronic circuit
電鉄でんてつ----electric railway
登り詰めるのぼりつめる----to go to the top; to be engrossed in
登るのぼる----to climb
登記とうき----(vs) registry; registration
登校とうこう----(vs) attendance (at school)
登高とうこう----(vs) climbing up
登山とざん----(vs) mountain-climbing
登山客とざんきゃく----mountain climber
登場とうじょう----(vs) entry (on stage)
登場人物とうじょうじんぶつ----the characters (in a play or novel)
登庁とうちょう----(vs) attending a government office
登板とうばん----(vs) taking the plate; pitching a game
登用とうよう----(vs) appointment; assignment; promotion
登録とうろく----(vs) registration; register; entry; record
都民会館とみんかいかん----Tokyo meeting hall
都落ちみやこおち----leaving (fleeing) the capital
土着どちゃく----(a-no) aboriginal; indigenous
土着民どちゃくみん----natives; aborigines
土筆つくし----horsetail; scouring rush (plant)
刀筆の吏とうひつのり----minor official
投げ落とすなげおとす----to throw down
東京着とうきょうちゃく----arriving in Tokyo
ゆ----hot water
湯気ゆげ----steam; vapour
湯元ゆもと----source of a hot spring
湯治とうじ----hot-spring cure; taking the baths
湯上がりゆあがり----(a-no) after (taking) a bath
当駅とうえき----this (railway) station
当用漢字とうようかんじ----daily-use kanji
とう----et cetera; etc.; and the like
等々とうとう----and so on; at last; finally; after all
等ポテンシャル面とうポテンシャルめん----equipotential surface
等閑なおざり----(vs) (an) neglect; make light of
等高線とうこうせん----contour (line)
等号とうごう----equal sign
等差とうさ----(equal) difference
等差数列とうさすうれつ----arithmetic progression
等等とうとう----and so on; at last; finally; after all
等分とうぶん----(vs) division into equal parts
動植物どうしょくぶつ----plants and animals; flora and fauna
同意どうい----agreement; consent; same meaning; same opinion; approval
同意義どういぎ----the same meaning
同意見どういけん----the same opinion
同感どうかん----agreement; same opinion; same feeling; sympathy; concurrence
同業者どうぎょうしゃ----person in the same business; the profession; the trade
同業組合どうぎょうくみあい----trade association; craft; guild
同士どうし----fellow; companion; comrade
同士打ちどうしうち----killing each other by mistake; internecine strife
同氏どうし----the said person; he; she; same person
同調どうちょう----(vs) sympathy; agree with; alignment; tuning
同調者どうちょうしゃ----fellow traveler; sympathizer
同等どうとう----(a-no) equality; equal; same rights; same rank
同筆どうひつ----the same handwriting
同様どうよう----identical; equal to; same (kind); like
同様にどうように----identically; in the (exact) same way; similarly
童歌わらべうた----children's (folk) song
童画どうが----pictures drawn by child; pictures for children
童子どうじ----boy; kid; child
童心どうしん----child's mind; naivete
童話どうわ----fairy tale
道路どうろ----road; highway
道路工事どうろこうじ----road construction
読み落とすよみおとす----to overlook in reading
突き落すつきおとす----to thrust down; to push off
内意ないい----intention; personal opinion
内談ないだん----private conversation
内湯うちゆ----hotsprings water in the home
内部仕様ないぶしよう----internal method; inner resources
内服薬ないふくやく----medicine taken internally
内福ないふく----richer than it appears
内遊星ないゆうせい----inner planet
内用薬ないようやく----medicine taken internally
二業地にぎょうち----entertainment quarters (food and geisha)
二士にし----private (JSDF)
二重橋にじゅうばし----Double Bridge at the Palace
二着にちゃく----runner-up; second (in a race)
二等にとう----second class
二等親にとうしん----second-degree relative
肉筆にくひつ----one's own handwriting; autograph
日銀にちぎん----Bank of Japan
日本史にほんし----history of Japan
入札にゅうさつ----bid; bidding
入植にゅうしょく----settlement; immigration
入湯にゅうとう----taking a hot bath; bathing at hot springs
入夫にゅうふ----(vs) marrying into the wife's family
年の功としのこう----(arch) old-man's wisdom
年功ねんこう----long service
のう----farming; agriculture
農家のうか----farmer; farm family
農閑期のうかんき----slack season for farmers; leisure season for farmers
農工のうこう----agriculture & industry
農村のうそん----agricultural community; farm village; rural
農地のうち----agricultural land
農薬のうやく----agricultural chemicals
農林のうりん----agriculture and forestry
敗北感はいぼくかん----sense of defeat
配当落ちはいとうおち----dividend off; ex dividend
倍加ばいか----(vs) doubling
麦湯むぎゆ----parched-barley tea
箱舟はこぶね----(Noah's) ark
箱庭はこにわ----miniature garden
箱入りはこいり----(a-no) cased; boxed
八つ橋やつはし----zigzag bridge
八ツ橋やつはし----(kyb:) cinnamon-cookie
八十路やそじ----eighty years of age
八福はちふく----the Beatitudes
発想はっそう----expression (music); conceptualization
発着はっちゃく----arrival & departure
半加工品はんかこうひん----semiprocessed goods
半農はんのう----part-time farming
反り橋そりばし----arched bridge
反様かいさま----upside down; inside out
反陽子はんようし----antiproton (physics)
悲しいかなしい----sad; sorrowful
悲しみかなしみ----sadness; sorrow; grief
悲しむかなしむ----to be sad; to mourn for; to regret
悲願ひがん----one's dearest wish; Buddha's vow to save humanity
美容整形びようせいけい----cosmetic surgery
鼻っ柱はなっぱしら----bridge of the nose; septum
鼻を高くするはなをたかくする----to be proud
鼻を折るはなをおる----to humble someone
鼻を明かすはなをあかす----to take advantage of another's misfortune
鼻音びおん----nasal sound; nasal
鼻下びか----under the nose
鼻革はながわ----toe cover for clogs
鼻元はなもと----root of the nose
鼻口びこう----nose and mouth; nostrils; muzzle of a dog
鼻向けはなむけ----smelling (something); farewell present
鼻高はなたか----high nose; person with a high nose; pride
鼻高々はなたかだか----proudly; triumphantly
鼻根びこん----root of the nose
鼻紙はなかみ----tissue paper; handkerchief paper
鼻持ちならないはなもちならない----stink; intolerable
鼻持ちならぬはなもちならぬ----intolerable; disgusting
鼻緒はなお----sandal strap; geta strap
鼻水はなみず----nasal mucus; dripping nose
鼻声はなごえ----nasal voice
鼻先はなさき----tip of nose
鼻祖びそ----founder; originator; introducer
鼻息はないき----nasal breathing; person's pleasure
鼻柱はなばしら----septum; bridge of nose
鼻突はなつき----meeting head on
鼻突きはなつき----meeting head on
鼻内びない----in the nose
鼻白むはなしろむ----to feel let down; to feel ashamed
鼻風はなかぜ----head cold
鼻面はなづら----muzzle; snout
鼻毛はなげ----nostril hairs
鼻木はなぎ----nose ring (for cattle)
鼻薬はなぐすり----bribe; hush money
必着ひっちゃく----must arrive; must be received
ふで----writing brush
筆が立つふでがたつ----good writer; wielding a facile pen
筆ペンふでペン----calligraphy pen
筆記ひっき----(vs) (taking) notes; copying
筆記用具ひっきようぐ----copying equipment
筆者ひっしゃ----writer; author
筆先ふでさき----tip of brush
筆頭ひっとう----brush tip; first on a list
筆箱ふでばこ----pencil box
筆名ひつめい----alias; pseudonym; pen name; nom de plume
筆力ひつりょく----strength of the brush stroke; power of the pen; ability to write
百薬ひゃくやく----sundry remedies
百葉箱ひゃくようばこ----Stevenson screen (louvre-sided box housing for meteorological gauges)
表意文字ひょういもじ----ideograph(s); hieroglyph(s); calligraphy
表札ひょうさつ----nameplate; doorplate
表題ひょうだい----title; index
表着うわぎ----coat; tunic; jacket; outer garment
不安の種ふあんのたね----reason for concern
不意ふい----(a-no) sudden; abrupt; unexpected; unforeseen
不意にふいに----suddenly; abruptly; unexpectedly
不意気ぶいき----vulgarity; lack of refinement
不意打ちふいうち----surprise attack
不覚の一投ふかくのいっとう----pitcher's misjudgment
不活発ふかっぱつ----(an) dull; slow; sluggish; inactive; quiet; lethargic
不言実行ふげんじっこう----action before words; work before talk
不公平ふこうへい----unfairness; injustice; partiality
不合格ふごうかく----(examination) failure; rejection; disqualification
不在地主ふざいじぬし----absentee landlord
不仕合わせふしあわせ----(an) unhappiness; misfortune; ill luck
不時着ふじちゃく----emergency landing
不手回しふてまわし----poor preparation; poor arrangements
不十分ふじゅうぶん----insufficient; inadequate; imperfect; shortage
不勝手ふかって----inconvenience; hard living
不消化物ふしょうかぶつ----indigestible materials
不世出ふせいしゅつ----rare; extraordinary; unparalleled
不整合ふせいごう----non-conformance; non-alignment; non-correspondence; free-thinking
不整合人ふせいごうじん----nonconformist; free-thinker
不正乗車ふせいじょうしゃ----stealing a ride
不生産的ふせいさんてき----unproductive; unfruitful
不束者ふつつかもの----rude; incompetent or inexperienced person; ignoramus
不足勝ふそくがち----needy circumstances
不断着ふだんぎ----casual wear; ordinary clothes; everyday clothes; home wear
不着ふちゃく----nonarrival; nondelivery
不注意ふちゅうい----(an) carelessness; inattention; thoughtlessness
不調和ふちょうわ----discord; incongruity
不定計量空間ふていけいりょうくうかん----indefinite metric space (math)
不渡り小切手ふわたりこぎって----dishonored check
不等ふとう----disparity; inequality
不等号ふとうごう----less than sign or greater than sign (< or >)
不動産業者ふどうさんぎょうしゃ----real estate agent; realtor
不動明王ふどうみょうおう----Acala; Acalanatha Vidya-raja; The Immovable; a manifestation of Mahavairocana (Buddhist deity)
不同意ふどうい----disagreement; objection
不得意ふとくい----one's weak point
不如意ふにょい----contrary to one's wishes; short of money
不平等ふびょうどう----(an) inequality; unequal (treaties); unfair
不本意ふほんい----reluctance; unwilling
不名数ふめいすう----abstract number
不毛の地ふもうのち----deserted and desolate land
不問に付すふもんにふす----to ignore; to disregard; to overlook; to connive at
不様ぶざま----(an) unshapely; unsightly; clumsy; unpresentable; uncouth
不用意ふようい----unpreparedness; carelessness
不用品ふようひん----disused article
不良少年ふりょうしょうねん----juvenile delinquent
不良品ふりょうひん----inferior goods; defective product
付け加えつけくわえ----add (something)
付け加えるつけくわえる----to add one thing to another
付け加えるとつけくわえると----additionally; in addition
付け札つけふだ----tag; label
付け鼻つけばな----false nose; artificial nose
付け薬つけぐすり----ointment; lotion
付け落ちつけおち----omission in a bill
付け落としつけおとし----omission in a bill
付加ふか----(vs) addition; annexation; appendage
付着ふちゃく----(vs) sticking to; clinging to; adhesion; cohesion; agglutination
付落つけおち----omission in a bill
付落ちつけおち----omission in a bill
付落としつけおとし----omission in a bill
おっと----(my) husband
夫々それぞれ----each; every; either; respectively; severally
夫の君せのきみ----one's husband
夫れ夫れそれぞれ----each; every; either; respectively; severally
夫君ふくん----one's husband
夫子ふうし----term of address for a teacher; Confucius
夫人ふじん----wife; Mrs; madam
夫夫それぞれ----each; every; either; respectively; severally
夫婦みょうと----married couple; spouses; husband and wife; couple; pair
夫婦の道ふうふのみち----marital virtues
夫役ぶえき----slave labour; compulsory service; forced labor; exacted service
部屋着へやぎ----dressing gown; loungewear
部落ぶらく----subunit of village
部落民ぶらくみん----Burakumin (lit. village people); descendants of feudal outcast group
服薬ふくやく----(vs) taking medicine
ふく----good fortune
福引ふくびき----lottery; tombola; drawing
福引きふくびき----lottery; tombola; drawing
福音ふくいん----Gospel; Word of God
福島県ふくしまけん----prefecture in the Touhoku area
物見遊山ものみゆさん----going on a pleasure jaunt
分周回路ぶんしゅうかいろ----clock division circuit
文意ぶんい----meaning of a sentence
文学史ぶんがくし----literary history; history of literature
文調ぶんちょう----writing style
文筆ぶんぴつ----literary art; literary activity; writing
文筆業ぶんぴつぎょう----literary profession; writing
平氏へいし----the Tairas
平生着へいぜいぎ----usually worn
平等びょうどう----equality (a); impartiality; evenness
平落ひらおち----pancake (landing)
閉回路へいかいろ----closed circuit
閉館へいかん----closing of a building
片手落ちかたておち----one-sided; partial; unfair
歩調ほちょう----pace; step; cadence
歩道橋ほどうきょう----pedestrian bridge
放水路ほうすいろ----drainage ditch; drain
放題ほうだい----(suf) as much as you would like to
放談ほうだん----(vs) free talk; irresponsible talk
棒暗記ぼうあんき----indiscriminate learning by heart
本意ほんい----one's real intent; motive; hopes
本館ほんかん----main building
本題ほんだい----main question
本調子ほんちょうし----proper key; keynote; normal condition
万感ばんかん----flood of emotions; many thoughts
万国史ばんこくし----world history
万世不易ばんせいふえき----eternity; perpetuity
万代不易ばんだいふえき----eternity; perpetuity
万年筆まんねんひつ----fountain pen
万夫ばんぷ----many people
万福まんぷく----all health and happiness
万緑ばんりょく----myriad green leaves
民意みんい----popular will
民福みんぷく----national welfare
冥想めいそう----meditation; contemplation
名札なふだ----name plate; name tag
名士めいし----celebrity; personage
名神高速道路めいしんこうそくどうろ----Meishin Expressway
名湯めいとう----well-known hot spring
命題めいだい----proposition; thesis
明暗めいあん----light and darkness; light and shade
面相筆めんそうふで----fine-point brushes
面談めんだん----(vs) interview
毛筆もうひつ----(writing; painting) brush
木の葉このは----foliage; leaves of trees
木ノ葉このは----foliage; leaves of trees
木登りきのぼり----tree climbing
木箱きばこ----wooden box
目鼻めはな----shape; form
問題もんだい----problem; question
問題を取り上げるもんだいをとりあげる----to take up a problem
問題点もんだいてん----the point at issue
門外漢もんがいかん----outsider; layman; amateur
門外不出もんがいふしゅつ----(treasuring something by) never taking (it) off the premises
夜暗やあん----dead of night; shades of night
夜着よぎ----night-clothes; heavy kimono-like quilt
夜遊びよあそび----night amusements
薬屋くすりや----pharmacy; chemist
薬学やくがく----pharmacy; pharmaceutics
薬局やっきょく----pharmacy; drugstore
薬玉くすだま----ornamental scent bag; decorative paper ball
薬指くすりゆび----ring finger
薬草やくそう----medicinal plants
薬箱くすりばこ----medicine box
薬品やくひん----medicine(s); chemical(s)
薬品会社やくひんがいしゃ----pharmaceutical company
薬物やくぶつ----medicines; drugs
有り様ありさま----state; condition; circumstances
有意ゆうい----(a-no) significance
有功ゆうこう----(an) merit
有様ありさま----state; condition; circumstances
有料道路ゆうりょうどうろ----toll road
遊ばせ言葉あそばせことば----polite language used by women
遊び事あさびごと----game; pastime; recreation; diversion
遊び心あそびごころ----desire to play or have a good time
遊び人あそびにん----carouser; playboy
遊び相手あそびあいて----playmate; playfellow
遊び半分あそびはんぶん----half in fun
遊び歩くあそびあるく----to visit one place after another without affect
遊ぶあそぶ----to play; to visit
遊泳ゆうえい----(vs) swimming; conduct of life
遊園地ゆうえんち----amusement park
遊食ゆうしょく----(vs) living in idleness
遊歩道ゆうほどう----promenade; esplanade
遊里ゆうり----red light district
郵便私書箱ゆうびんししょばこ----post office box
予め用意あらかじめようい----(vs) advance preparation
予感よかん----presentiment; premonition
予算不足よさんふそく----budget deficit
予想よそう----(vs) expectation; anticipation; prediction; forecast
予想屋よそうや----crystal gazer; dopester
予想外よそうがい----unexpected; unforeseen; strange
予想通りよそうどおり----as expected
余談よだん----digression; sequel (of a story)
よう----(an) way; manner; kind; sort; appearance; like; such as; so as to; in order to; so that; yang
様々さまざま----(an) varied; various
様になるさまになる----to look good
様みろざまみろ----(id) You'll get what you deserve!
様子ようす----aspect; state; appearance
様式ようしき----style; form; pattern
様様さまざま----(an) varied; various
洋館ようかん----western-style house
用意ようい----(vs) preparation
よう----(an) way; manner; kind; sort; appearance; like; such as; so as to; in order to; so that; yang
陽画ようが----positive (photographic) image
陽気ようき----(an) season; weather; cheerfulness
陽光ようこう----sunshine; sunlight
陽子線ようしせん----proton beam
陽春ようしゅん----spring; the springtime
陽当りひあたり----exposure to the sun; sunny place
陽物ようぶつ----phallus; penis
来意らいい----purpose of a visit
来着らいちゃく----(vs) arrival
来遊者らいゆうしゃ----visitor; tourist
おち----joke punch line
落し物おとしもの----lost property
落すおとす----(io) to drop; to lose; to let fall
落ちこぼれおちこぼれ----leftovers; odds and ends; pickings
落ちつくおちつく----to calm down; to settle down; to be steady; to settle in; to take up one's residence; to harmonize with; to match; to restore presence of mind
落ちぶれるおちぶれる----to be ruined; to fall low; to go under; to come to ruin
落ちるおちる----to fail (e.g. exam); to fall down; to drop
落ち合うおちあう----to gather; to meet; to join; to flow together; to rendezvous
落ち込むおちこむ----to fall into; to feel down (sad)
落ち着いたおちついた----quiet; calm; composed
落ち着きおちつき----calm; composure
落ち着き払うおちつきはらう----to keep cool
落ち着くおちつく----to calm down; to settle down; to be steady; to settle in; to take up one's residence; to harmonize with; to match; to restore presence of mind
落ち着けるおちつける----to quiet; to calm down; to compose oneself
落ち度おちど----mistake; error
落ち入るおちいる----to cave in; to collapse
落ち葉おちば----(vs) fallen leaves; leaf litter; defoliation; shedding leaves
落っこちるおっこちる----(vi) to fall down; to drop
落とし穴おとしあな----pitfall; trap; pit
落とし物おとしもの----lost property
落とすおとす----to drop; to lose; to let fall
落下らっか----(vs) fall; drop; come down
落球らっきゅう----(vs) failing to catch a ball; fumble
落後らくご----(vs) dropping out of; straggling; falling out of the ranks
落語らくご----rakugo story; (telling) a comic story
落語家らくごか----rakugo story teller; comic story teller
落差らくさ----a head (of water); a difference
落札らくさつ----(vs) having one's bid accepted (e.g. for contract)
落首らくしゅ----lampoon; satirical poem
落書きらくがき----(vs) scrawl; scribble; graffiti
落成らくせい----(vs) be completed; be finished
落成式らくせいしき----completion (of house; etc.) ceremony or party
落石らくせき----falling rocks; fallen rocks
落第らくだい----(vs) failure; dropping out of a class
落地らくち----falling to the ground
落着らくちゃく----(vs) being settled; coming to a conclusion
落着くおちつく----to calm down; to settle down; to be steady; to settle in; to take up one's residence; to harmonize with; to match; to restore presence of mind
落丁らくちょう----missing pages
落馬らくば----(vs) falling from a horse
落葉らくよう----(vs) fallen leaves; leaf litter; defoliation; shedding leaves
落雷らくらい----thunderbolt; bolt of lightning
落雷にあうらくらいにあう----to be struck by lightning
立て札たてふだ----notice; bulletin board
立札たてふだ----notice; bulletin board
立体感りったいかん----feeling of solidity; 3-dimensionality; drawing highlights
流れ着くながれつく----to drift to; to be washed ashore
流感りゅうかん----(abbr) influenza; flu; (a) cold
旅館りょかん----Japanese hotel; inn
両氏りょうし----both persons
両様りょうよう----two ways; both ways; two kinds
力士りきし----Japanese (sumo) wrestler; strong man
力不足ちからぶそく----strong weakness; great insufficiency
力落としちからおとし----loss of energy; fatigue; discouragement; disappointment
緑の日みどりのひ----Greenery Day Holiday (Apr 29)
緑色りょくしょく----(an) green
緑青りょくしょう----verdigris; green rust; copper rust
緑地りょくち----green tract of land
緑虫みどりむし----freshwater flagellate (Euglena)
恋路こいじ----romance; love's pathway
練り合せるねりあわせる----to knead together
練り上げるねりあげる----to train up; to discipline
練り歩くねりあるく----to parade; to march
練るねる----to knead; to work over; to polish up
練功れんこう----(MA) skills acquired through hard training; feats of practice
練習れんしゅう----(vs) practice
練習場れんしゅうじょう----practice ground
連勝れんしょう----(vs) consecutive victories; series of victories
連想れんそう----(vs) association of ideas; suggestion
連絡駅れんらくえき----connecting station; station where you change
路上ろじょう----(on the) road; on the way
路線ろせん----route; line; alignment
路地ろじ----alley; alleyway; lane
六感ろっかん----the six senses
六十路むそじ----age sixty
話題わだい----topic; subject
洒落しゃらく----frank; open-hearted
洒落っ気しゃれっけ----being dressed stylishly
洒落込むしゃれこむ----to get dressed up

aka Dr. Dog
Departments of Emergency Medicine and Physiology

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