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The Word Game

match definitions with the correct word

cell membranecell structure that regulates the passage of materials between the cell and its environment
cell wallcell structure that surrounds the cell membreane for protection and support in plants, algae, and some bacteria
nucleusthe center of an atom
eukaryoteorganism made up of cells that have a nucleus
endoplasmic reticulumcomplex network that transports materials throughout the inside of the cell
prokaryotesingle-celled organism whose cells do not have a nucleus
nuclear membranemembrane that surrounds the nucleus of the cell
nucleoluscell structure that contains RNA and proteins
mitochondriaorganelle that changes chemical energy stored in food into compounds that can be used by the cell
golgi apparatusorganelle that modifies, collects, packages, and distributes molecules made at one location of the cell and used in another
chloroplastorganelle that converts sunlight into chemical energyin plants
ribosomeorganelle in which proteins are made

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