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History - Ancient Greece - Famous Greeks

Believed everything in the universe was made of waterThales
He brought ideas of geometry from Egypt to GreeceThales
He discovered static electricityThales
He drank a cup of poisonSocrates
469 - 399 BCThe lifespan of Socrates
He taught people how to question. He was tried and condemned to die for thisSocrates
He believed in accepting and honoring the will of the stateSocrates
428 - 348 BCPlato's life
He was a pupil of SocratesPlato
He believed that the world was made up of forms and ideasPlato
He believed that city rulers should be philosophersPlato
"The Republic"Plato's book describing an ideal state
A park near ancient Athens where Plato taughtAcademy
Pupil of PlatoAristotle
384 - 322 BCAristotle's life
He believed the world was physicalAristotle
He was interested in philosophy, physics, zoology, and biologyAristotle
He believed the earth was the center of the universeAristotle
He was one of the greatest teachers of all timeAristotle
He believed that people learnt from experienceAristotle
"Politics"Aristotle's book on how governments should be run
OligarchyAristotle believed that governments should be run by a few wealthy people - not a democracy
One of Aristotle's most famous studentsAlexander the Great
He made important discoveries about the heart and brainErasistratus
290 BCErasistratus discovered the human heart had valves
He believed the heart was a pumpErasistratus
Mathematician who taught in Alexandria, EgyptEuclid
Wrote about geometry and astronomyEuclid
Astronomer who believed the earth moved around the sunAristarchus
Discovered the correct method to measure the distance of the sun, moon, and other heavenly bodies from the earthAristarchus


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