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Musical Elements

This is a game of matching a musical term with the correct definition

beatthe basic unit of time in music
rhythmthe pattern of beats in a piece of music
tempospeed of the beat
pitchthe highness or lowness of a sound
dynamicssoftness or loudness in music
key signatureshows what pitches should be flat or sharp throughout the piece of music
measureset of notes and rests between two bar lines
tiea curved line that connects two notes of the same pitch and indicates that the sound should be held for the length of both notes
roundsong in which the voices sing the same melody over and over but begin at different times
sharpa symbol indicating that a note is to be raised by a half step
flatsymbol indicating that a tone is to be lowered by a half step
codaa concluding or ending section of a piece of music
finethe end
al fineto sing or play until you reach the word fine (the end)
staccatonotes having a separate, crisp sound; marked with dots over or under them
melodythe tune; a series of pitches moving upward, downward, or staying the same
legatoto play or sing in a smooth or connected way
ostinatoa rhythm or melody pattern that repeats
harmonythe sounding of two or more tones at the same time
mezzo pianomedium soft
mezzo fortemedium loud
decrescendoto get softer gradually
fermataa symbol placed over a note to show that it is to be held longer than it normally lasts
crescendoto get louder gradually
unisonseveral people singing or playing a single melody at the same time
fortissimovery loud
pianissimovery soft

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