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Chapter 1-4 Government Info

Drill for the material found in Chapters 1-4 of our Grade 6 Government Unit!

aristocracynobility, people who inherit highly ranked positions in the community
democracya form of government that is elected and controlled by the people who live under it
despotismdictatorship; one person or one party rule
direct democracya form of government in which people govern themselves, making the laws together
dynastya series of rulers belonging to the same family
feudalisma system of governing based on land use in exchange for service
policiesplans of action
powerthe authority to do a job or make a decision; ability to control
psychologicalhaving to do with the mind
returning officerthe person who conducts an election locally and reports its results officially
rightsomething that is owed to a person by law, tardition or nature
socialhaving to do with being part of a community
virtuousa way of behaving that is valued
Confederationan official joining together of governments
constitutionthe rules and beliefs that guide the work of the government
councila group or special committee that gives advice
electeda person chosen in a vote
federala form of government;the central government in Canada
House of Commonsthe elected Members of Parliament in the federal government
parliamentassembly of representatives
plebiscitea vote taken on an issue among all citizens
representative democracy a style of government in which voters elect people to speak on their behalf
representativesthose chosen to act or speak for others
responsibleanswerable to the people or their representatives
ridinga district or area represented by members of a lawmaking body; a constituency
by-lawsa law made by a local government
interdependentdependent or reliant on one another
interpretto explain or translate; tho apply a law
majoritymore than half; those who are in greater number
minorityless than half; those who are out-numbered
societyan organized human grouping, community
subsidizedto assist, or support with money
administrationthe management and supervision of local affairs by government officials
bilingualable to speak in two languages
commisionera representative in charge
judiciarya system of courts
legislativehaving the power to make laws
monarchygovernment by a king or queen
municipallocal, community level of government
Official Oppositionthe second largest group of elected members of a government who debate about the plans and actions of the political party or government in power
portfoliospecific responsibilities assigned to a member of government
lieutenant-governorrepresentative of the monarchy in the provinces

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