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Le Conditionnel (Meaning)

Match conditional verb forms with their English meanings.

j'iraisI would go
tu auraisyou (fam.) would have
il devraithe should
nous serionswe would be
vous feriezyou (for. or pl.) would make, do
ils pourraientthey would be able
je recevraisI would receive
tu sauraisyou (fam.) would know
il viendraithe would come
elle verraitshe would see
nous voudrionswe would like
vous prendriezyou (for. or pl.) would take
on diraitone would say; people would say
on feraitone would do/make; people would do/make
je travailleraisI would work
tu te coucheraisyou (fam.) would go to bed
il se laverait les cheveuxhe would wash his hair
elle s'endormiraitshe would fall asleep
nous dormirionswe would sleep
vous partiriezyou (for. or pl.) would leave

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