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Cells, tissues, and organs/ words and definitions / Chapter 4

Medical terms associated with cells, tissues, and organs

polymorphichaving many forms
cytogenesisthe formation of cells
nuclearpertaining to a nucleus
karyomegalyenlargement of the nucleus of a cell
histologistspecialist in the study of tissue
fibrosisabnormal formation of fibrous tissue
reticuluma network
adenitistumor of a gland
papillanipplelike projection
myxadenitisinflammation of gland that secretes mucus
mucorrheaincreased flow of mucus
somaticpertaining to the body
erythroblastan immature red blood cell
genesisthe origin of something
phagocytecell that ingests waste and foreign matter
chromophilicattracting color
inotropicaffecting contraction of muscle fibers
atrophywasting away (lack of nourishment)
hypoplasiaunderdevelopment of an organ or tissue
ribosomesmall body in the cytoplasm that contains RNA
carbohydraseenzyme that digests carbohydrates
fructosefruit sugar
hydratedcombined with water
lipomatumor containing fat
adipoidlike or resembling fat
steatorrheadischarge of fatty stools
glucosuriapresence of glucose in the urine
hyperglycemiahigh blood sugar
amylaseenzyme that digests starch
proteolysisdissolving of proteins

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