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Conjugations of the verbs HABEN and SEIN including the personal pronouns to aid with teaching of perfect tense in German

ich binI am
du bistyou (familiar/singular) are
er isthe / it (m) is
sie istshe / it (f) is
es istit (nt) is
man istone is
wir sindwe are
ihr seidyou (familiar/plural) are
sie sindthey are
Sie sindyou (polite) are
ich habeI have
du hastyou (familiar/singular) have
er hathe / it (m) has
sie hatshe / it (f) has
es hatit (nt) has
man hatone has
wir habenwe have
ihr habtyou (familiar/plural) have
sie habenthey have
Sie habenyou (polite) have

Mr A Preece

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