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Global History Vocabulary 3

Alphabetical grouping of Global History terms needed to be successful on the Regents exam.

colonyterritory that an outside power controls directly
command economystate controlled economic system
common lawsystem of law in England based on decisions of royal courts that became accepted legal principles
communismform of complete socialism in which there is public ownership of all land and all means of production
conquistadorconqueror; person given the right by rulers of Spain to establish outposts in the Americas
containmentpolicy whereby the United States tried to prevent the Soviet Union from expanding beyond its borders; first applied in the 1940s
corporationbusiness oened by many investors, who buy shares of stock and risk only the amount of their investment
coup d'etatrevolt by military leaders to overthrow a government
covenantbinding agreement
creoledescendant of Spanish settlers born in Americas
crusadesseries of wars launched by Christians against Muslims who controlled the Holy Land - called by Pope Urban II
cultural biasthe way a person's culture shapes his or her attitude toward and event
cultural diffusionwhen a custom or item of one culture moves from one culture to another, borrowing or sharing of ideas
cultural diversityvariety of customs, ideas, and ways of life of a group of people
culturecustoms, ideas, and way of life of a group of people
Cyrillic alphabetalphabet devised in the ninth century by Greek monks, Cyril and Methodius
czarRussian word for Caesar; title of the ruler of Russian Empire
daimyopowerful warrior knights directly below the shogun, in Japan during the feudal period
decentralizationto break down into smaller units with no central location or control
deforestationto clear land of forests and trees

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