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Cell Reproduction

Holt Biology - Visualizing Life Correlated to Chapter 6

chromosometightly coiled lengths of DNA wrapped around protein cores
karyotypea set of chromosomes in which the homologous pairs are matched and arranged by size
diploida cell that contains 2 sets of chromosomes
haploida cell which contains a single set of chromosomes
sex chromosomeschromosomes that determine the sex of an organism, in humans the 23d pair
human femaleXX
human maleXY
mitosiseukaryotic cell division of the nuclei
cytokinesiscellular division at the end of mitosis
cell cyclelife span of a cell including growth and division
tumorclump of cells caused by cancer
canceruncontrolled cell division and growth
mutationchange in the genetic code
gameteegg or sperm, a haploid reproductive cell
meiosiscellular division that produces gametes
crossing overthe exchange of genetic information between homologous chromosomes

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