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Cell terms that correlate to Holt - Biology Visualizing Life Chapter 3

cellbasic unit of life
cell membranecomposed of a phospholipid bilayer, controls what enters and leaves the cell
polar moleculea molecule with positive and negative regions, example - water
hydrogen bondthe attraction between water molecules between hydrogen and oxygen atoms
nonpolar moleculea molecule that does not have any charged regions
phospholipda lipid that has a phosphate group replacing one of the fatty acids
lipid bilayerthe type of arrangement of molecules that make up the cell membrane
nucleuscontrol center of the cell
prokaryotea cell that doesn't have a nucleus such as bacteria
eukaryotea cell that has a nucleus such as plant, animal, fungi and protist cells
cytoplasmthe jelly like colloid found in the cell
ribosomeprotein factories of the cell
organellessmall parts that make up a cell
mitochondrionpowerhouse of the cell, provides the cell with ATP, energy
chloroplastorganelle that carries out photosynthesis
endoplasmic reticulumtransportation network in the cell, compartmentalizes
Golgi apparatuspackages proteins that are made in the cell
cell wallouter support structure of plant and fungal cells
cellulosecomponent of plant cell walls
resolutiona microscope's capacity to distinguish different objects that are close to one another

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