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Face Idioms

Match these idioms with their definitions.

to play it by eardon't make any definite plans
music to my earsgood news
to keep your eyes peeledpay attention / look for something
a sight for sore eyessomebody you are happy to see that you haven't seen for a long time
to see eye to eyeto agree on something
to have an eye for somethingto have a sense for something
to keep your ears opento pay attention to what is being said
to be all smilesto be very happy
to have your eyes pop out of your headto be extremely surprised
to leave a bad taste in your mouthto be upset about someone's actions
to have an ear for musicto be talented at music
to have a nose for newsto know where to look for information
keep a stiff upper lipdon't show that you are upset
to be nosyto stick your nose in someone else's business

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