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SAT vocabulary

A review of SAT vocabulary.

abberationdeviating from the right path
abstract (n.)a summary
acquiesceto give consent by keeping silent
aggrandizementgrowth in power
altruisticthoughtful of the welfare of others
assuageto calm or soothe, to satisfy
atrophyto waste away
austerestern in manner, strict in morals
bequeathto leave in a will
blithehappy and cheerful
bombasticuse of big words without meaning
cachea hiding place, the thing hidden there
capitulateto surrender
catharsisan emotional purification or relief
causticstinging, biting
censureto criticize
chimericalabsurd, wildly fanciful
clemencymercy, mildness
conciliatorytending to soothe or reconcile
deferencegreat respect
delineateto describe in words, to sketch
despotmonarch with unlimited power
diatribebitter verbal attack
didacticintended to instruct
dogmaticpositive and emphatic in asserting opinions
effaceto wipe out, erase
egregiousextraordinarily bad
embellishto decorate, to elaborate upon
enervateto weaken, lessen the strength of
engenderto produce, bring into being
equanimityevenness of temper
equivocateto use double meanings in order to mislead, to be shifty, to quibble
esotericunderstood by only a select few
fastidioushard to please, dainty in taste
furtivedone with stealth
galvanizeto startle
hackneyedtrite, commonplace
hedonistone who lives solely for pleasure
hyperbolean exaggerated statement used as a figure of speech for rhetorical effect
iconoclasta person who attacks cherished beliefs or established institutions
immutablenever changing
incipientin an early stage
incisivekeen, penetrating
inscrutabletoo mysterious to be understood
insipidlacking interest or spirit
intractablehard to manage, not easily treated
laconicusing few words
lampoonstrong satirical writing, usually attacking or ridiculing someone
latentpresent, but invisble or inactive
laudableworthy of praise
levitylack of seriousness
mitigateto make or to become less severe, to moderate
nomenclaturea systematic naming in an art or science
parsimonioustoo thrifty, stingy
partisanshowing a strong support for a party or cause; characteristic of a guerrilla fighter
perfidytreachery; betrayal of trust
platitudea thought or remark that is dull, trite, flat or weak
ponderousvery heavy; labored and dull or tiresome
pragmaticpractical; opinionated
precludeto make impossible; shut out; prevent
prodigiousenormous; extraordinary; marvelous
profusionabudance; extravagance
querulouspeevish; fault finding; complaining
quixoticidealistic and utterly impractical
raconteura person skilled at telling stories or anecdotes
rancordeep spite or malice; strong hate
razeto destroy
recalcitrantrefusing to obey rules or follow orders
sagaciouswise or shrewd
salutaryhealthful; useful or helpful; remedial
sectarianpertaining to a group within a larger group that is limited by common beliefs or interests; narrow-minded
soporificcausing sleep; drowsy
spuriouscounterfeit; false
stultifyingcausing to appear stupid or ridiculous
superciliousproud and scornful; haughty; looking down on others
surreptitioussly; stealthy;
sycophanta servile self-seeker
tangentialdiverging of trangressing
tawdrygaudy and cheap; vulgarly ornamental
temerityrashness; foolish or reckless boldness
unequivocalplain; very clear in meaning
unimpeachablebeyond doubt or reproach; unquestionable
untenablethat which cannot be maintained; incapable of being defended or held
urbanecouteous; suave; polished
venerateto regard with respect and reverance; to honor
vilifyto slander
virtuosoone interested in the pursuit of knowledge; one with masterly skill in any field
vitriolicextremely biting; sharp and bitter
voraciousravenous; gluttonous
wantonimmoral; senseless; deliberately malicious; excessive
whetto sharpen; make stronger; to stimulate
zealota person who shows great enthusiasm for a cause
zeniththe point in the sky directly above one; the highest point


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