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Parts of a Cell

This game describes the parts of the basic unit of living things--the cell.

cell membraneA thin structure that surrounds the cell; supports the cell; protects the cell; and controls what enters and leaves the cell.
cell wallA stiff structure that is found only in plant cells; giving the plant support and protection, allowing it to grow upright.
celluloseA complex compound that partly makes up the cell wall.
nucleusThe control center of a cell's activities.
cytoplasmAll the living material in a cell except the nucleus and other small organelles.
organellesSmall parts inside the cell that carry out life processes such as releasing energy, making proteins, and storing food and water.
mitochondriaPower house of the cell; provides energy and releases the energy stored in food.
ribosomesTiny round protein factories attached to the ER .
Endoplasmic ReticulumA network of tubes and canals that runs throughout the cytoplasm transporting materials from place to place.
Golgi bodiesThe center of manufacturing and shipping within the cell.
lysosomesFound primarily in animal cells, these organelles contain chemicals for breaking down large food molecules.
vaculolesFluid-filled sacs that store water and food and wastes.
ChloroplastsGreen oval-shaped organelles found in plant cells containing a compound that traps energy from the sun.
ChlorophyllA compound found in chlorophasts that traps energy from the sun and gives the cells its green color

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