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Final Review: Waste

Wastes that are a risk to the health of humans or other living organisms.Hazardous waste.
Any dicarded solid material.Solid waste.
Where does most waste end up?Landfills.
What is the Superfund Act?It gives the EPA the right to sue owners of hazardous waste sites for the cost of cleanup.
What is LD50?Lethal dose 50. Dose of a hazardous material that will cause death in 50% of dosed animals.
What is LC50?Lethal Concentration 50. Concentration of a material that will cause death in 50% of animals exposed.
How can we prevent problems with hazardous waste?Produce less, reuse materials, neutralize materials.
Using bacteria to break down hazardous materials.Bioremediation.
Pumping waste deep underground.Deep well injection.
Wastes stay in pond with sealed bottom.Surface impoundment.
Burning hazardous materials.Incineration.
US average of solid waste per person per day.4.4 lbs.
Can be broken down, decomposed.Biodegradable ex: paper, cotton, leather.
Doesn't break down.Nonbiodegradable. ex: Nylon, plastic.
Liquid that has passed through solid waste in a landfill.Leachate.

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