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Vocabulary for butterflies.

AbdomenThe last section of an insect body; it comes after the thorax
AdaptWhen animals change to become more suited to a changing environment
AntennaeFlexible, semented sense organs on the head of an insect
CamouflageA way of hiding, by color or shape, and appearing to be part of the environment
CaterpillarThe wormlike, often brightly-colored, hairy or spiny larva of a butterfly
Chrysalisthe pupa of a butterfly or moth enclosed in a firm case or cocoon
Compound Eyesmany light-sensitive parts, each form a portion of the image being viewed
EndangeredAnimals threatened becoming very few in number
ExtinctA species dying out completely and disappearing from the Earth
HabitatsThe places where animals or plants naturally live and grow
HibernateAnimals pass the cold weather in a state of inactivity, often sleeping and not eating
InsectsSmall animals of the class INSECTA which have three pairs of legs and a body
Larvaebefore adult stage, this is the wingless, worklike stage of growth
MetamorphosisA verb meaning when animals change forms (like egg into a chicken)
MigrateWhen animals travle from one location to another, usually during seasons
NectarA sweet liquid in a flower's center and is great food for insects
PheromonesChemicals made by animals to affect the behavior of other members
PollinationTransfering of pollen from one plant to another, necessary for pplant reproduction
ProboscisThe slender, tube-shaped feeding organ of butterflys
PupaLarva undergoes a complete transformation within a chrysalis, becoming the stage
ThoraxThe second, or middle part of the vody of an insect, after the head
ChrysalisThe cocoon (pupa) stage of the butterfly, between the larvae and adult stages


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