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how much % of the african continent is rain forest.5% of africa is rainforest.
how big are the two major deserts in africa.they equel upto the size of the united states.
how many climate zones are in africa.there are 4 climate zones.
what were some of the resources in the past times of africa.salt,iron,gold,copper.
wharare some of the resources of present times.diamands,gold,oil
who controls the gold trade.the emperor.
did women have any respect or power.women held high positions and held some ranks of power.
did the emperor of africa have a big or small army.the emperor had a huge army with iron tip spears.
what was the primary occupation of africa.cattle raising
how did most people travel in africa.they traveled on rivers.
who became the most powerful in the middle ages.the Franks became the most powerful.
where did Charlemage extend his empire to.france,germany,and Italy
Charlemanes reforms insured.they insured public works on roads.
what did charlemane do.orginized empire,appointed nobles over local regions.
what did the treaty of verdan split the empire into 3 parts.
what did charles mantel do.stopped muslim adavance at the tours in france
when did charles mantel stop the 732 a.d.
charlemange was the king of...the franks
Charlemagne was either, smart, brilliant, or strategic.he was all of these.
what kind of tribes invaded europe.germanic tribes.

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