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World History test

Maya, Charlemagne, Chap.8 sec 1 and 3, middle ages, Video guide, Chap. 12 the Kingdom of Ghana.

What was written by the Maya in Hieroglyphics?They wrote the names of Kings and Queens and the names of rulers
What are the 5 climate zones of Africa?Rainforest, savannah, steppes, deserts, and Mediterranean coastline
What are some of the social roles of the church?Forbade divorce, General charity, Relief of sick and destressed, and relief of poor.
What are some of the farming methods for the Maya?Clearing forests and building vast fields, having platforms to catch water and drain excess water.
What were some of the advances in learning fo the Maya?Astronomy, architects, and engineers.
What are some of the natural resources traded in Africa in ancient times?Salt, Iron, Gold, and Copper.
What are the seven sacraments of the church?baptism, penance, extreme unction, Holy Eucharist, ordination, conformation, and matrimony.
What were some of the achievements of the Maya?Developed a counting system based on the number 20, Learned how to predict solar eclipsese, made a calander more acurate then the one in Europe.
What were the heighest platforms of a pyramid used for?sacrifices
What was the curia?a group of counselors to the pope.
What are some of the natural resources traded in Africa today?Diamonds, Gold, and Oil.
What was the bishop in charge of?diocese
Who were the most important members of the curia and what function did they perform?cardinals and they elected the pope.
Define monasticism:The way of life of monastaries and convents.
How did monasarties become rich over the years?For accepting young men as monks nad by getting land from nobles.
Who did the most copying of books durring the middle ages and how did they relieve the tediousness of copying them?Monks; illumination.
Wha tare two ways the Canon law was enforced?Excommunication and interdict
Name the two sources of church income?Tithes and payments for ceremony.
what were the tree things monks needed to do under Benidict rule?Not own anything, spend several hours in prayer, adn tasks around the monastary.
What are some of the main uses of pyramids?Burial tombs for nobles and priests, to honor gods by bloodletting scrifices.
What are three ways monks and nuns served gods?Fasting , self denial, and prayer.
Who did Charlemagne conqer?non-Cristian tribes.
On what day did the pope crown Charlemagne emperor of the Romans?Christmas day
What are the three places Charlemagne conqered?France, Germany, and Italy.
Who did Charlemagne appoint and wher was the school started?Alcivn and at Aachen.
Why did the empire end after Charlemgens death?Because it was split into three parts, became weakened, and was invaded.
What did Charles Martel do to the Muslims?He stopped them from advancing in to France.
What did Pepin do for recognition by the Pope and what was it called?He gave all the land around Rome to the Pope. Donation of Pepin.


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