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How many major climate zone?s are there in Africa 5
what are the five climate zones in Africa?Rainforest, Savanah,Dry stepps,Desert, and Mediteranian coastline and the souther tip of Africa
Why where rivers in Africa dangerous?Rivers sloped down and created rapids
What natural resources where traded in ancient Africa?Salt, iron, gold, and copper
What natural resouces do they trade in modern day?Dimonds, good, and oil
What 2 resources dominated the trade in Ghana?Salt and Gold
Where is Ghana located?Between the Niger and Senegal rivers
How were emperors treated in Ghana?Emperors had elaberate ceremonies and were concidered semi-divine
What was the emperors power rested on?The gold trade
What type of advantage did the emperors army have?They had iron tipped spears
How were women treated in Ghana?Women had a high status and have held some posistion in power
How did Ghana come to a end?Was overwhelmed by Muslim invaders and in 1050 bc became a Islamic kingdome
Name the 4 levels of the church hierarchy from most powerful to the weakest.The Pope and his curia, Archbishop,Bishop, and Parish Priest
What were the 7 sacraments?Baptism, Holy Eucharist, Confirmation, Penance, Ordination, Matrimony, and The Extreme Unction
What was the Bishop in charge of?He was in charge of the diocese
How is the Archbishop's power different then a Bishop's power?The Archbishop has athority over mor diosese and over bishops
What is the curia?A group of consulors the advised the Pope
Who was the most important members of the curia and what was there jobs?The Cardnals and they advised the Pope on legal and religious matters; also elected new Popes
What year did the Mayan civilization begin?758 Ad
What was Tecab? How big was it?A ancient Mayan city; it was the size of Manhatton
In what way did the Mayans disappear?they diserted everything
Who discovered and wrote about the classic Maya?Jon Lloyd Stevens
What was the use for the great Mayan pyramid?It was a tomb
Why did a Spanish priest have the Maya language translated into Spanish?He wanted to convert the Mayans into christians
Why were the books of the Maya burned? Because they were pagan
What science was the Mayan mathe tied to?Astronomy
what other purpose did the Mayan pyrimids play?They where calanders and sundials
When do the Mayans prodict the world to end?Sunday Dec. 23, 2012
What did the people think the Mayans where like?They thought they were peaceful and non-violent
What discovery did filmmaker Giles Healy make that Shattered the ideas of the Mayans?He found a room with painting showing the brutal and savage life of the Mayans
What source of power did the King have?It was based on beliefe
What do the doorways of Maya temples represent?a doorway to the underworld
Who became the most powerful Germanic Tribe in Europe?The Franks
What religion did Clovis King of Franks convert to? Christianity
What did Pepin the Short do? Pepin the Short pushed the Lombards out of Itally and gave the Donation of Pepin to the Pope
What did the Donation of Pepin do for him?It sided him with the pope
What Frank king conquered none christian tribes and brought them under his power?Charlemane
How smart was Charlemane?He was a brilliant stratdgist who was excellent at orginization
Where did he extend the Empire to?France, Germany, and Italy


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