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PerestokiaEconomic Restructuring
CISCommonwealth of Independant States
CPSUCommunist Party of the Soviet Union
TrotskyFounder of the Red Guards, International Communist
LeninLeader of the Communist Revolution
PrimakovCurrent Prime Minister of Russia
StalinDictator during 30's and 40's
Shock TherapyEconomic Reform
RubelRussian Currency
GorbachevResponsible for Soviet collapse
MoscowCapital of Russia
St. PetersburgImperial Capital of Russia, 2nd largest city
MarxLeninSoviet Communist political theory
DemocratizationFree elections in Russia
August CoupAttempted overthrow of Gorbechev, 1991
PartocracyTotal control of government by CPSU
BolshevikRevolutionary Communist Party member
MenshevikWhite Russian moderates
IntelligentsiaEducated elite in Russia
Russian FederationNew government created under the 1993 Constitution
Domestic Policy IssuesHealth Care, Economy, Ethnic tensions,political corruption
Foriegn Policy Issuesrelationship with NATO and U.N.
DumaRussian legislative house
ChechnyaArea of Violent Ethnic conflict in 1996
Market EconomyPrivate property, competition, profit
KomosomolCommunist Youth Group
General SecretaryLeader of the CPSU
Warsaw PactNATO equivalent
Ecological IssuesAral Sea, Chernobyl, deforestation


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