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History Test Notes

Mr. Downes class

Fiefestate granted to a vassel by a lord
TroubadourTraveling poet
AbbotContolled and distributed land, monastaries
2 concepts of Canon of LawExcommunication, interdict
Charles Mantel stopped muslim advance atbattle of tours
Charlegmane unifiedItaly, France, Germany
7 sacrements of churchBabtism, holy Eucharist, Confirmation, Penance, Ordination, Matromony, Extreme Unction
Manastaries became rich becausee ofDonations, owned land income, piety, tax
Tax for church was______ and was _____ of someones incomeTithe, 1/10
3 ways church held political affairsPope took over, spiritual leader, lords and adversaries
Social rolesno divorce, responsibility for orphans and widows, social work, hospitals
1st and 2nd wave of invasions were____Germanic/Vikings, 2nd=Muslim
Maya civilization began750AD
Their greatest city wasTecab
Ancestors of MayansLasadomes
1st wrote about MayansJohn Lloyd Stevens
The world will endSunday December23, 2012
Found that Mayans werre great warriorsGiles Healy
Doors of temples represententering underworld
Christianity made sense b/cHad a divine king who shed his blood for his people
Frankish King who became ChristianClovis
Gave portion of land to pope for regognitionPepin
Chased Muslims out of FranceCharles Mantel
Founder school in AccanAlciun
Why are Mayans called hungariansfought like huns
list order of church official (start at top)Pope, Archbishop, Bishop, Parish Priest
Group of counselorsCuria
3 ways monks served godprayer, fasting, self-denial
3 things Monks did under Bennidicts Lawown nothing, everything belonged to the monk community, obey Abbot
Missi Dominicilords messengers
peasents bound to lord bymutual rights and responsibilities
Women affected chivalry inIn charge of estate when lord was away, supervise vassals, did medical and agricultural needs
The treaty of Verdune was made becauseAfter Charlegmanes death his sons fought over the empire and ended up dividing it
The treaty ended updestroying the empire
Charlegmane tried to unify Europe byappointing powerful nobles and spread christianity
CCharlegmane was_____ grandsonCharles Mantel
Charlegmane ruled for _____yrs.46
Most destructive invadersVikings
Cardnalsmost important members of curia
Caardnal didadvised in spiritual and polital matters


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