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What was the real name of the HungariansThe Magyars
What was the greats metropolis of Maya?Tecab
When did the Mayans say the world would end?December 23 2012
What action did Mayans belive in?Bleeding for god apeasment
What is a vassal?Vassals are lesser lords who owned estates
What is a fifeIt is an estate
Who is the heighest person in the Catholic CurchThe Pope
Name the other 3 parts of the Hierarchy of the ChurchArch Bishop, Bishop, Parish Priest
What are bishops in Charge of?They are heads of Diocesies
Who are the Curia?The Advisors to the pope
List some of the social roles of the churchTo take care of hospitals, orphanges, and poor houses
WHat was the church's code of law?Canon Law
What was the name of the Germanic Tribe that founded the country of France?The Franks
Who gave a genorous donation to the pope?Pepin
What does Charlemagne mean?Charles the Great
Who was Alcium?Set up school At Aachen
What treaty was past after Charlemagne died?The Treaty of Verdun
What was the treaty of Verdun?IT gave Charl. kingdom to his three grandsons
What was the effect of the Treaty?It weakened the Empire
Who first discovered the Mayan civilzation?John Loyd Stevens
Why where Spanish priests in Maya?To Convert the Mayans to Christianity
What Science was Maya math tied to?Astronomy
What did the Maya time machine look like?Gears
What is 5% of the land in AfricaRain Forest
What is the largest area of AfricaThe Savanah
What was a primary occupation?Herding
What wher barriers the prevented easy movement of people and good?Few harbors dangerous rivers, high plateaus, and deserts
What where Africas Resources?Salt, Iron, Copper and Gold
What are the modern day Resources?Diamond, Gold, and oil
What kind of history does Ghana have?An oral history
What did the Ghanans army use?Iron tipped spears

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