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Why are most major rivers in Africa only navigable for short distances?Numerous Rapids
How did AFrcia Benefit from its rivers being navigable for short distances?Protection from invasions.
What are the differences between tropical rain forests and jungles?Jungles are thick vegetaion found in tropical rain forests.
What is a Savanna?A vast area of relatively dry grasslands?
What year did not Maya Civilation begin?750A.D.
What era of history was Europe in at the time of the Maya?Dark Ages.
What was Tecab? How big was it?Greatest Metropolis of mayans. Covered area the size of Manhattan.
In what manner did the Maya disappear?They walked into the forest and disappeared.
Who are the ancestors of the Maya?First immigrants from ice age.
What are the dates for the classic Maya Period?250-900A.D.
Who first discovered and wrote about the classic Maya?John Loyd Stevens
What was the purpose of the great Maya Pyramid?It was a tomb for an important person.
Why did the Spanish priest have the Maya language translated into Spanish?He wanted to convert people to Christianity.
Why were the books of Maya burned by him?Because he had gone crazy and he couldn't get his people to convert.
What other science Maya math tied to?To astronomy.
What does the little fish mean?Christianity


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