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Test revieu

Test revew ch 7+8+12=hard test

Who are the ansesters of the Maya?The nomadic people who crossed the bearing strait during the ice age.
When is the end of the world acording to the maya?Sunday December 23 2012.
When is thw clasic maya period?250-900 AD.
About What precent of africa is Rain Forest?Less than 5%.
What were the 2 main items traded along the traid routs in Africa?Salt and Gold.
What is the highest rank in the catholic church?The Pope.
What areas did charlemane add to his empire.France, Italy and Germany.
Why did Charlemanes Empire colapse after his death?His sons divided it up and weakened it.
What are the two main deaserts of Africa?Sahara and Kalahari Nambi.
Why are goats grazed on the dry steppes?Beacause there stomaches can handel the hard grass of the steeppes.
what was the purpous of the mayan pyramids?to study the heavens.
Why did christanity make sense to the maya?a saviour who shed blod for his people.
How did the Maya disapeare?they left.
what did the king own?all the gold.
What was the main weapon of the army?Iron tiped spears.
When did the Gana cinilazation start?800 AD.
What hapened in 1050 AD?Gana became an Islamic Kingdom.
who was the first king of the Franks?Klovis
who was the first Frakish king to become a christan?Klovis.
Why did Ghana fall?It was over whelmed by the muslums.


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