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history review term + stuff

year Maya civilization began750 A.D.
era of history Europe was in at the time of the MayaDark ages
what is a Tecab? How big was it?greatest Maya city, size of Manhatten
manner that Maya civilizations disappereddeserted
are the ancestors of the MayaLacston Indians
dates for classic Maya period250-900 A.D.
first discovered and wrote about classic MayaJohn Lloyd Steven
purpose of great Maya Pyramidburial chamber
why Spanish priest had Maya language translated into SpanishDiago de Landa
why books of Maya burnedconverted Mayan still did Pagon riuals
other science that Maya math was tied toastronomy
other purpose of Maya pyramidsgiant stone calandars + sundials
what Maya time machine looked like3 wheels
Maya thought world would endSunday Dec 23, 2012
practices that Maya did that we wouldn't dohuman sacrifice
what did Giles Healy discover about the Mayas?they were fierce warriors and they had unrealistic sacrifices
people were unwilling to see Maya the way Giles discribed b/c?people believed they were peaceful
hieroglyphics said what?dates, born-died + reigns of kings and queens
Kings ruled the people with?errogance + distain
source of power of the kings?beliefs, religous
doorways of Maya temples represent?doorway to underworld
people thought scrifice of blood brought them?power, sacrifice to gods
purpose of Maya ball game?losers were sacrificed
Christianity made sense to Mayas b/c?a devine king who shed his blood for his people
Maya disappeared into jungle b/c?belief in the king was lost, over populated,crop loss
in all the continents which is the 2nd biggest?Africa
Less that 5% is near equatorTropical Rain Forest
Largest area of Africa is?African Savannah
Dry Steppeslong dry grasslands
Major desertsSahara, Kalahari, Nambib
where are Kalahari and Nambib locatedMediterranean Coastline and Southern tip of Africa
Geographic features acted as barries to preventeasy movement of people and gods
people used these to travel between AfricaRivers
People traveled across the what?Savannah
African resources traded in ancient timessalt,iron,gold,copper
goods traded in modern daydiamonds,gold,oil
who are in the Rift Valley now?Neolithic farmers
what goods dominated trade?Gold and Salt
why is Salt important?keeps body from perspiring all water, retains body moisture
where is 800 A.D. Ghana Located?Niger and Ghana rivers
what kind of history did Ghana have?oral history
what was gold stored in?feathers
what was the Emperor's power rested on?gold trade/ owned all gold mined
what kinds of weapons did Ghana have?iron tipped spears
had high status and held some positions of powerwomen of Ghana

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