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Preparation for test

What year did the Maya civilization begin?1750 A.D.
what era of history was Europe in at the time of the Maya?Dark ages
what was Tecab? How big was it?metropolopis covered Manhattan
In what manner did the Maya disappear?They walked in the forrest and never came back(disappeared)
What are the dates of the classic Maya period?a250 - 900 A.D.
Who first discovered and wrote about the classic Maya?John Loyd Stephons
What was the purpose of the gfreat Maya pyramid?It was a tomb for an important person
Why did the Spanish priest have the Maya language translated into Spanish?He wanted to convert people to christianity
Why were the books of Maya burned by him?Because he had gone crazy and he couldn't get his people to convert
What other science was Maya math tied to?Astronomy
What was the other purpose of Maya pyramids?It was like a calendar
When did the Maya think that the world would end?December 23, 2012
What practices did the Maya do that we would not do today?Did drugs and got incredibly drunk
Who was in the top of the pyramid?The pope and his curia
Who was second to the top of the pyramid?The archbishop
Who was second to last on the pyramid?The bishop
Who was last on the pyramid?The parish preist
What class of people did the Parish priests usually come from and how much education did they usually have?He had little formal education. The parish priests usually came from peasent orgin
What are the seven sacrements of the church?A.baptism B.holy eucharism C.confirmation D. penance E. ordination F.Matrimony G. extremeunction
What was the bishop in charge of?They were in charge of the number of parishes that made up a diocese
How did the power of archbishop differ from that of the bishop?The archbishop was in charge of many dioceses. An archbishop could summon provincial councils of the clergy to decidequestions of church belief and policy.
What was the curia?they were a group of counselors that advised the pope.
What does Monasticism mean?The way of life in monastaries and convents


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