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a card game on chapter 8 7 and 12

when will the world end according to the maya?sunday december 23 2012
who are the ancestors of the maya?the nomadic peopel who crossed the barring straight
what are the dates for the classic maya period?250-900ad
a great maya pyramid was used for?time telling a tomb and asrtonomy
how did the maya kings rule their people?they were tyrannic and mean to the people
what was the source of powwer to the kingbeleifs
what was the perpose of the maya ball gameto find sacrefices for the gods
what was each doorway to a building mean to the mayansit was a doorway to the underworld
why did the mayas disappear into the jungle?because crops failed enemies won they lost faith in the king
there was a king in each city state. what did he dothe king would just be used to give sacrefice to the gods. and a system of faith
if bad things happened who was blamed for in mayan soceitythe king of the city state
what time period was happening in europe during classic maya period?the dark ages full of war and little steps forward
what are some acheivments that the maya madea system of telling time with a time machine the pyramids 360 day calender counting system based on the #'s 20 thruogh 0
what was the time machinethree gears that were spined and moved all at the same time
how big is africait is 2nd largest continent
how much of africa is actually rain forestless than 5% of it
what is the savannaha large dry grass land subject to much drought
what is the savannah used forcattle raising fertile soil but dry land
what are steppeslarge dry hilly grassland
what are the 2 major deserts in africathe shara and the Kalahari-nambib
why is it not easy to get to africa and travelfew harbors dangerous rivers and cataracts high plateus and deserts and forests
people used what to travel across africathe river but only for a short while
what were the main things traded in africasalt and gold
what was the main for of economy of ghanatrade
what do africans trade today trade todayoil and gold and dimonds
where is the earliest form of manin the great rift valley
when did the early man come about and start migrating5500 b.c.
what were the people in grvnoelithic farmers
what happened as man migrated the tech diffused and new ideas were present
what was the most dominant trade omong villages.salt
why saltbecause retains mosture in the body and it is hot in africa
when did the ghana start800a.d.
where is ghanabetween niger and senegal rivers
what was the reason ghana became so big2 trade routes coverged there
what did the king of ghana ownall the gold mines
what was the main weapon of the army of ghanairon tipped spears
waht was the woman's role in ghanaheld some positiuons but usually did house work
why did ghanna fallit was overwhelme by muslims
what happened in 1050 became a islamic kingdom
what group of germanic invaders ruled francethe franks
who was the first king of the germanic invadersclovis
who was pepin IIIthe next king of france
what was pepin's nicknamepepin the short
what did he do to italisize his powerhe drove the bonbards out of italy
what is the the land called the "dominating of perpin" called laterthe popal states
what does charlegmane meancharles the great
what lands did charlegmane conquergermany and france and italy
he ruled from768-814
pepin was crowned emperor bypope leo III
gave lands out to the lordsghfdgh
what were the Missi dominicimessangers of ther king whoi took complants and created txes and enforced laws
Alucin set up a schoola tachen
sons of empire split it up this is bad why?it weekened empire
invasions from vikings and hungarieands they were really marians but wer called that becausethey fought like the huns
what are 7 sacraments of the churchcommunion confirmation penance holy orders motrimony extreme unction baptism
why ddi monks leave the chuch to lead a perfect christian life
the monks vasted and prayed and self denialfgdsfgsdfgfdsg
canaon law was enforced byecommunication and interdiction
tax ation by the chuch was1/10 a persons income and a penny a year

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