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26-7 Mollusks

Do not rely on this entirely for the test, it was made by student, N O T teacher. Assuming I have time, this will be updated for every test, for Mrs. Schwanekamp. PLEASE STUDY WITH STUDY GUIDES ALSO.

The three classes of the phylum Mollusks are...1. Gastropoda 2. Biuvalvia 3. Cephalopoda
The three classes of the phylum Annelida are...1. Polychaeta 2. Oligocheata 3. Hirudinea
Mollusks are...soft-bodied invertabrate animal that is characterized by an internal or external shell, a foot, a mantle, and visceral mass.
Body plan of Mollusks consist of 4 basic parts...1. Foot 2. Mantle 3. Shell 4. Visceral Mass
Type of foot and kind of ____ are used to group mollusks into classes.Shell
Snails and slugs are...Herbivores
Herbivores have tongue-like structure called...radula
Octopus, sea slugs, and squid are all...carnivores
Carnivores use ____ _____ to eat theie jaws
Clams, oysters and scallops are...filter feeders
Filter feeders use gills to shift food such as ________ from the water.Phytoplankton
Snails and clams have a ____ circulatory
Octupus and squid have a ____circulatory system.closed
Solid waste are removed as ___ through the anus.feces.
Nitrogen waste from cellular metabolism are removed by...nephridia.
The class Gastropoda means ___1___. The class Bivalvia means___2___. And the class Cephalopoda means ___3___.1. Stomach-Foot 2. Two Shells 3. Head-Foot
In Gastropoda most have ____-____ shell or "valve"one-sided
____are the most common "shell-less" gastropoda.Slugs
Most adult bivalves are...sessile
The bivalve shells are made in the...Mantle
Most cephalopodas have small, internal ___ or none at
Only present day shelled cephalopods are...Nautilus
Octopi have __ shells.NO
Squids internal shell is thin, flexible supporting rod called...pen
Cuttlefish have ___ ____ shell.small internal
In addition to swimming or crawling, cephalopods can move by ___ ___.Jet Propulsion.

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