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Thermal Energy

Important terms associated with temperature, heat and thermal measurements

Thermal Energythe total potential and kinetic energy associated with the particles of a material
Heatthermal energy that is transfered from one object to another
Temperaturethe physical property that determines the direction in which heat energy will flow
Kelvintemperature scale based upon the absolute zero concept of energy
Celsiusoriginally had zero degrees as the steam point not the ice point
calorieunit of thermal energy equivalent to 4.186 joules
Coefficient of linear expansionchange in unit per unit length for a change in temperature of one degree
Waterhas 4 degrees Celsius as a point of maximum density
Charle's Lawrelates volume of a gas to its Kelvin temperature
Boyle's Lawrelates the volume of a gas to its pressure
Universal Gas Constanthas a value of 8.21 x 10-2 L atm/mol K
Heat capacityquantity of heat needed to raise temperature 1 degree
Specific heatheat capacity per unit mass
Endothermicprocess which absorbs heat
Exothermicprocess which gives off heat
Law of Heat Exchangestates that Q lost = Q gained
Calorimetercontainer to contain heat transfers
Heat of Fusionheat needed to melt a unit mass of a material at its normal melting point
Heat of Vaporizationheat needed to vaporize a liquid at its normal boiling point
Critical pointUpper limit of the triple point

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