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The Bubonic Plague

Black death was also knowen as?The Bubonic Plague
What small rodent carried the Plague?A rat
The mortality percent of dieing if a person does not get treated is?75%
About how many days did it take the plague to affect a person?2 to 6 days
The plague was also transmitted by?Fleas
Some people thought if you bathed in human ----- you could get rid of the plague.Urine
Overall --- species of fleas are known to be ifected with the plague.100
You could also get the plague by being exposed to?plague infected tissue
The plague started in?1347
The plague attacks the -----, ------, -------, -----, and -----.The liver, spleen, kidneys, lungs, and brain
Where was the plague first found?Europe
What are some of the symptoms areHigh fever, swolled lymph nodes, rash,and changes in blood pressure.
In 1300's nearly ---- the population in Europe was wiped out because of the plague.half
The plague is also past from person to person by ----- droplets.mucus
they called this plague the black death becauethe dark color of many victims' faces after death
----- blotches covered the body of the infected
The winter of ---- brought the "Black Plague" into Scotland, parts of Scandinavia and the Low Countries.1349
What did the infected vomitblood
How was the plague cured?it couldn't be cured
People that had the plague vomited for - days.3

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