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(7) USII.6 WWII Matching Game

Churchill, FDR, Stalin, Allied leaders
Adolf Hitler, Germany's fascist dictator
Japan's naval flag
atomic bombs, U.S. dropped two of these on Japan
Nazi flag
...caused the U.S. to enter WWIIJapan's attack on Pearl Harbor
Rosie the Riveter, Encouraged women to work in the factories while men were at war
Political instability and economic devastation in Europe resulting from World War ICauses of World War II
FascismA political philosophy in which total power is given to a dictator and individual freedoms are denied.
Hideki Tojo, Japan's military leader
Mussolini, Italy's fascist dictator
Axis PowersGermany, Italy, Japan
The AlliesUnited States, Great Britain, Canada (and later the USSR)
Winston Churchill, British Prime Minister during WWII
Joseph Stalin, Soviet leader
FDR, U.S. President from 1932-1945
December 7, 1941Date of Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor
German invasion of PolandEvent that set off WWII
Battle of BritainGermany bombed London
Battle of MidwayTurning point of the war in the Pacific
Battle of StalingradTurning point of the war in Eastern Europe
D-DayJune 6, 1944 - U.S. and Allied troops land in Normandy
Hiroshima & NagasakiThe U.S. dropped atomic bombs on these Japanese cities
The HolocaustThe murder of six million Jews and millions of others by Nazis
Anti-SemitismHostility towards or prejudice against Jews
Aryan supremacyHitler's belief that light-skinned Europeans were racially superior
Japanese AmericansThese Americans were treated with distrust and prejudice, and many were forced into internment camps

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