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Electricity Terms

1. What is Electric chargepositive or negative particles that exert an electric force.
2. What is Electric dischargethe removal of an electric charge from an object.
3. What is Neutralwhen there is neither positive nor negative charge from an object.
4. What is Current electricitythe continuous movement of charged particles along a path.
5. What is a Galvanometera device used to detect a weak electric current.
6. What is an Ammetera device used to measure electric current.
7. What is a Cella device that converts chemical energy into electrical energy.
8. What is a Batterytwo or more electric cells, joined used as a source of electric current.
9. What is a Voltunit used to measure voltage; the symbol is V.
10. What is Static electricitythe build-up of electric charges on an object
11. What is a Voltmetera device used to measure voltage.
12. What is an Electrodepart of an electric cell that allows electrons to enter or leave: it is usually made of a metal or of carbon.
13. What is an Electrolytea solution that conducts electricity.
14. What is a Resistora device with a certain resistance to the passage of electric charges: used in electronic devices.
15. What is a Variable resistor:a device that can be used to control the amount of current in an electric circuit.
16. What is a Rheostata variable resistor; used to control devices such as electric motors and dimmer switches.
17. What is are Generatorsa device that produces electrical energy from mechanical energy, usually from the kinetic energy of steam or running water.
18. What is a Permanent magneta piece of hard steel alloy that stays magnetized for a long time.
19. What is a Electromagneta coil of wire, usually with an iron core, that becomes magnetized when a current exists in it.
20. What is an Armaturethe rotating electromagnet in n electric motor.
21. What is a Split ring commutatora contact on the armature of a motor; a split cylinder that acts as a switching (control) device.
22. What is a Thermocoupledevice consisting of a junction of two different metals; it produces an electric current when the junction is heated.
23. What is a Solar cella device that converts light energy into electrical energy.
24. What is the Photoelectric effectan effect in which light, shining on metal, causes electrons to be emitted from the surface of the metal, producing an electric current.
25. What is the Piezoelectric effectan electric current produced by sound, due to the changing pressure of sound waves on certain crystals.
26. What is an Electrical circuitan uninterrupted conducting path for an electric current
27. What is a Closed circuita circuit in which there is an uninterrupted conducting path for electric current.
28. What is an Open circuitan electric circuit in which the conducting path is broken or incomplete.
29. What is a Switchdevice that can open or close an electric circuit; used as a control in an electric circuit.
30. What is a Sourcethe part of an electric circuit that changes some other form of energy into electrical energy.
31. What is a Conductora material that allows electric current to pass through it easily.
32. What is a Controlthe part of an electric circuit by which the circuit is opened or closed; usually a switch.
33. What is a Loadthe part of a circuit that changes electrical energy into some other form of energy.
34. What is a Series circuitan electric circuit with one conducting path and no branches.
35. What is a Parallel circuitan electric circuit that provides alternate conducting paths for electric current.
36. What is a Joulethe SI unit for energy; the symbol is J.
37. What is a Wattunit used to measure electrical power; the symbol is W.
38. What is a Watt seconda unit of electrical energy equivalent to one joule.
39. What is a Kilowatt-houra unit in which electrical energy, as consumed by a household or for a building, is measure; the symbol is kWh.
40. What is a Neutral wirea wire that is not "hot", a wire that is "grounded" - connected to the ground.
41. What is a Hot wirealso live wires; wires that are not grounded, bringing electrical energy into a home or building.
42. What is a Circuit breakera device that protects an electric circuit form overheating by opening the circuit.

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