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Fluids & Pressure Terms

1. Fluidanything that flows; air, water
2. Viscositya liquid's "thickness" or resistance to flow
3. Displacethe pushing of fluid away that occurs when buoyant objects take up space in a fluid
4. Buoyancythe tendency to float. Ie. Boats float in water, balloon in air.
5. Forcea push or pull; measured in newtons (N).
6. Buoyant forceupward force exerted by a fluid; (N)
7. Densitythe amount of mass in a certain volume of substance.
8. Hydrometera device that uses buoyancy to directly measure density.
9. Archimedes' Principlethe buoyant force on an object in a fluid is equal to the weight of the fluid displaced by the object.
10. Pressuremeasures the amount of force applied to a certain area. ; measured in kPa (kilopascals).
11. Confined fluidsfluids in a completely enclosed container.
12. Compressiblewhen force is exerted the volume shrinks. Ex. Gases.
13. Incompressiblevolume of the fluid doesn't decrease when pressure is applied.
14. Barometerinstrument that measures air pressure.
15. Mercury barometercontains liquid mercury - height of the column of mercury indicates the amount of pressure being exerted.
16. Aneroid barometerbarometer used in homes that does not contain liquid.
17. Manometermeasures pressure of other gases; u-shaped, partially filled with fluid
18. Hydraulic systemsthe movement of a liquid or the force of a liquid in a closed system causes mechanisms to work. Ie. Brake system in cars.
19. Valvesdevice that regulates the flow of a fluid.
20. Pumpa device that is used to move fluids.

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