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Ch 31: The Child with a Communicable Disease

Created by Monica White and Tedros Ogbamicael
for classmates to become familiar with terminology and definition of childhood diseases
from chapter 31. Leifer, Gloria (2003). The child with a communicable disease. In Introduction to maternity and pediatric nursing. (4th ed., pp 741-760). St. Louis: Saunders.

communicable diseasetransmitted directly or indirectly from one person to another
pathogensorganisms that cause disease
incubation periodinvasion by pathogens and the onset of clinical symptoms
prodromalthe initial stage of a disease; interval between the earliest symptoms and the appearance of a typical rash or fever
fomiteinanimate material that absorbs and transmits infection
vectoran insect or animal that carries and spread the disease
pandemicworldwide high incidence of a communicable disease
epidemicsudden increase of a communicable disease
endemiccontinuous incidence of a communicable diseasa in a localized area
body substancemoist secretions or parts of the body that can contain microorganisms
portal of entryroute by which the organisms enter the body
portal of exitroute by which the organisms exit the body
reservoir for infectiona place that supports the growth of organisms
opportunistic infectionsan infection caused by bacteria normally found in the environment that the immune-suppressed individual cannnot resist or fight
nosocomial infectionan infection acquired in a health care facility during hospitalization
natural immunityresistance is inborn
acquired immunitynot the result of inherited factors but is acquired as a result of having the disease or is artificially acquired by receiving vaccines or immune serums
active immunitywhen the person produces his or her own immunity
passive immunityacts immediately but does not lasts as long as immunity actively produced by the body
standard precautionsthe nurse must understand the importance of protecting himself or herself and others from the contagious patient
erythemaa diffused reddened area on the skin
maculea circular reddened area on the skin
papulea circular reddened area on the skin that is elevated
pustulea circular reddened area on the skin that is elevated and contains pus
scaba dried pustule that is covered with a crust
pathognomonica term used to desribe a lesion or symptom that is characteristic of a specific illness

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