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literary terms 1st nine weeks

literary terms for the first nine weeks

themethe central idea or insight into life that is revealed through the events of the story.. the authors message
settingthe time and place of the story
plotthe sequence of events in the story
short storya brief work of fiction containing made-up characters and events
suspensethe feeling of anxiety about the outcome of events in a work of literature
character traitsused to show what a person is like
inferencea reasonable conclusion drawn from information given
major characterthe character that plays the most important role in a short story
moodthe feeling created in a reader by a literary work
chronological orderthe order in which events occur in time
conflicta problem that must be resolved
internal conflicta struggle that takes place within the mind of a character
climaxthe point at which the conflict is greatest
resolutionthe outcome of the conflict
motivationa reason that explains or partially explains a character's thoughts, feelings, actions, or speech
stereotypescan be characters, expressions, or situations that confirm to what is familiar and expected
ironic situationwhen events turn out differently than expected
external conflicta struggle in which a character struggles against some outside force
flashbackan interruption in action to show what happened in the past
compareto look at ways in which characters are alike
point of viewrefers to the angle or position from which a writer tells a story
contrastto look at ways in which characters are different
first-person point of viewthe narrator is a character in a story and refers to himself with the pronoun I
symbolsclues for the theme because they stand for an idea
third-person limitedthe narrator relates the inner thoughts and feelings of only one character and everything is viewed from this characters perspective
third-person omniscientthe narrator knows and tells about what each character feels and thinks
universal themehas importance for people all over the world
summarya brief form of a story containing the most important events in the order they occurred
implied themea theme you must figure out for yourself
stated themethe writer or one of the characters tells you the theme
reasoningthinking logically
characterizationthe art of making the people in a story real
direct characterizationauthors present characters by simply telling you what they want you to know about a character
indirect characterizationauthors develop characters by letting the characters reveal their personalities through what they say or do

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